Rear-Admiral Johan Jasper Abraham van Staveren


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Johan Jasper Abraham van Staveren was born in Geertruidenberg, Holland on the 24th of August 1889. He died aboard Dutch steamer Poelau Bras in the Indian Ocean on March 6, 1942.

He became a Midshipsman on August 23, 1911, a Lieutenant on August 23, 1913, a Lieutenant Commander on August 1, 1921 and a Captain on August 16, 1938. He was promoted to a Rear-Admiral (temporary) on March 1, 1942.

He was a commander of RNN cruiser Java between February 2 1937 - May 28 1937 (fleetshow at Spithead, for King George VI. on May 20, 1937). He became a Chief of Staff of the navy in the Netherlands East Indies on June 12, 1939 and in the period between February 14, 1942 - March 6, 1942 he was also second in command in Netherlands East Indies and the head of naval department in Batavia. He was evacuated from the Wijnkoopsbaai (bay in southwest of Java) aboard the steamer Poelau Bras. The ship was sunk by the Japanese planes and he and his girlfriend were both killed.

His awards include the Officer in the Ordre of Oranje Nassau, Mark of Honour for important military operations, western department of Borneo 1912 - 1914, War Remambrance Cross, Mark of Honour as recognition of excellent duty during the waterfloods in 1926 (bronze), Cross of Service for officers, 30 years (probably given after 30 years of service with RNN), Mobilizationcross 1914-1918, knight 5th class of the Crown Order of Siam, Remembrance medal of the coronation of HM King George and Queen Mary of Britain and Ireland, most excellent order of the British Empire, honorary commander.

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