Rear-Admiral Kakaji Kakuta



Rear Admiral Kakaji Kakuta was Commander of Carrier Division 4 (CVL Ryujo) on 8 December 1941 and to February 1942 this participated in operations against the Philippines and Netherlands East Indies).

He then commanded the Second Mobile Force and Carrier Division 4 (CVL Ryujo and CVL Junyo) between May - July 1942 (Operation "AL" - operations against the Aleutians).

As Rear Admiral he commanded Carrier Division 2 (CVL Ryujo, CVL Junyo and CVL Hiyo) from 14 July 1942 and Carrier Division 2 in October 1942 in operations in the Solomons - Battle of Cape Esperance.

He was promoted to Vice Admiral, became Commander First Air Fleet, February - August 1944 (Defence of the Marianas - headquarters on Tinian) and presumed killed or suicide in August 1944 after American capture of Tinian Island (last heard from 31 July 1944).

Note It is hard to determine the correct surname of Rear-Admiral Kakuta. It can be Kakuta or in some sources also Katuda. I have decided to use Kakuta, but this naturally doesn't mean that I have chosen the correct name.

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