Major-General Takeo Ito


Major-General Takeo Ito

Major-General Takeo Ito

Major-General Takeo Ito was a Japanese Infantry Officer, born in Fukuoka, Japan.

He was promoted to rank of Major-General on 25 August 1941 and to rank of Lieutenant-General on 26 November 1944.

Assumed command of 114th Infantry Regiment on 1 September 1941 and became a commander in the Japanese 38th Infantry Division on 25 August 1941.

He participated in the campaign of the China Incident as a commander of 114th Infantry Regiment and during the Pacific War, he took part in the campaigns of the Dutch East Indies; and on Guadalcanal as the commander of 38th Infantry Division.

After the battle on Guadalcanal, he was stationed on the New Ireland Island as a commander of 40th Independent Mixed Brigade (assumed command on 8 July 1944).

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