Rear-Admiral Kouichiro Hatakeyama


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Rear-Admiral Kouichiro Hatakeyama was a commander of Ambon Island Invasion Force (consisting of 1st Kure SNLF and two platoons of Sasebo SNLF). He landed on Ambon Island on 31 January 1942, captured Laha airfield on 2 February 1942 and ordered the execution of Dutch and Australian POWs on 1, 5 and 6 February 1942. He was on 17 February 1942 relieved by Lieutenant Commander Hayashi.

He was killed later in the war.

Note It is hard to determine the correct surname of Rear-Admiral Hatakeyama. It can be Hatakeyama, Hatayama or Hatakiyama. I have decided to use Hatakeyama, but this naturally doesn't mean that I have chosen the correct name.

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