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A Laplander, a Livonian, an Irishman and a Scot
from a broadsheet:
Auß Lap vnd Liefflandt

Auß Lap vnd Liefflandt (1632). Bavarian State Library, Munich: Einbl. V,8 a,63
Auß Lap vnd Liefflandt ... Sie können frost vnd hunger tragn,
Zu aller zeit den feindt nach jagn;
Die Lapländer auff ebner Erd,
Sollen schnell lauffen wie ein Pferdt;
Des gleichen auch die auß Lieflandt,
Reitten auff dem Reinthir genandt,
über land vnd Eÿß wa sie hin eÿllen,
In einem tag beÿ dreisich meyllen;
Die ihrländer thun lauffen baß,
ohn sincken vbr einen moraß;
Die Schotlander vnder dem Schne,
Sich halten frisch, wie ich versteh.

Further evidence of this campaign comes in the broadsheet Auß Lap vnd Liefflandt. Four fifths of its space is taken up by an illustration of a Lapp, an Irishman, a Scotsman, and a Livonian. Similar to the other international soldiers he accompanies, the Livonian is a northern European. The Livonians inhabited a territory along the Baltic Sea known as Livonia, which is now part of the modern day states of Estonia and Latvia. The soldiers’ northern European provenance is a characteristic that they share and it is additionally apparent in the Nordic furs worn by the Lapp and the Livonian, as well as the fact that the Livonian is riding on a reindeer. The men are also connected in their readiness for battle. Between them they carry an array of weapons, including a spear, a dagger, a musket, a bow and arrow and a sword. This echoes the image of the armed Irishmen in Kurtze Beschreibung and indicates to the audience that the international troops of the Swedish army are geared for battle and unified in their intent. In addition, the illustration of weapons was probably included to satisfy public curiosity regarding the weaponry and defences of the foreign troops. This provided the audience with factual information on the troops in accompaniment to propagandistic text and image.
Source: pp.162-164, Foreign Heroes and Catholic Villains: Radical Protestant Propaganda of the Thirty Years’ War (1618-1648) by Darren Paul Foster, University of Exeter thesis

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