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Paintings of Italian Soldiers of the early 16th Century

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St George by Carpaccio, c.1500

The Crucifixion by Luca Signorelli, Umbria, Italy, c.1504/1505

Fresco by Pinturicchio, Piccolomini Library, Duomo, Siena, Italy, 1502-08

Enea Piccolomini Leaves for the Council of Basel

Frederick III Crowning Enea Silvio Piccolomini
with a Laurel Wreath

Young Knight in a Landscape, 1510, by Vittore Carpaccio

(also known as Portrait of a Knight)

Portrait Of A Florentine In Armour c.1510 attributed to Francesco Granacci

Entry of Charles VIII into Florence by Francesco Granacci, 1518

The Oath of Sermide by Girolamo Genga, 1530-31

Portrait of a Warrior by Dosso Dossi, 1530s

Tournament Fresco Cycle by Marcello Fogolino, c.1535

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