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Inauguration of the chief of the O'Neills at Tullaghoge
Map of Ulster by Richard Bartlett, 1602

The performance of the rite of the single shoe during the inauguration of the O'Neill at Tulach í“g, from an early seventeenth-century map of Ulster. The O'Neill is shown seated in the stone inauguration chair which is elevated on a small mound. (Dartmouth Collection, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich).

Source: p7, WAR - 143 Galloglass 1250-1600, Gaelic Mercenary Warrior by Fergus Cannan:
Inauguration of the chief of the O'Neills at Tullaghoge in an English map of c.1600. A two-handed axe, held aloft on the left, indicates the presence of O'Neill's MacDonnell constable of galloglass at the ceremony. Mac Domhnaill (MacDonnell) and Mac Sithigh (MacSheehy) galloglass were descended from the MacDonalds, a preeminent power in the Western Isles. Already deeply involved in Irish affairs by the time of the Bruce invasion, many joined with the Scots assault on Ireland. Other MacDonalds opposed the Bruce brothers but seem also to have been on bad terms with the anti-Bruce MacDougalls. These MacDonalds probably found themselves in reduced circumstances and became galloglass in Ireland.

Reference: An Tulach Tinóil at History Ireland.

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