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Irish rider

Published by Abraham de Bruyn, 1575

A larger image of an Irish rider. Published by Abraham de Bruyn, 1575.

[Planche 22]. Hibernus vel Irlandus eques. [Soldat. Cavalier irlandais. Costume et équipements militaires.] [Cote : BNF C15673]
[Plate 22]. Hibernian or Irish rider. [Soldier. Irish rider. Costume and military equipment] [Code: BNF C15673]

[Illustrations de Diversarum gentium armatura equestris. Ubi fere Europae, Asiae atque Africae equitandi ratio propria ewpresaa est] / [Non identifié] ; Abraham de Bruyn, aut. du texte
[(artist) unidentified] Abraham de Bruyn, text author. 1575.
Source: Bibliothèque nationale de France

An extract from p.51, Armies of Feudal Europe 1066-1300 by Ian Heath:
Nevertheless, when retreating they would often turn unexpectedly and loose arrows at unwary pursuers (which ploy Giraldus describes as 'shooting their bows from behind like Parthians', which in turn has confused some people into thinking they fired their longbows from horseback!).

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