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40th Bombardment Group

 45th Bombardment Squadron (Heavy)

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 April 1941

The 45th Bombardment Squadron was formed at Borinquen Field, Puerto Rico, on April 1, 1941, and assigned to the newly formed 40th Bombardment Group (Medium), along with three other newly activated Squadrons- - Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron of the 40th Bombardment Group, and the 29th, 44th, and 45th Bombardment. Squadrons.

The 45th Bombardment Squadron, until the outbreak of war, flew routine training flights in the Caribbean Area, using Douglas B-18 type aircraft.

At the time of its origination, the 45th Squadron was located in what was known as "Tent City," which was as the name implies, a number of tents southeast. of the old runway.

December 1941

The 45th, upon the outbreak of war, was placed on a continuous 24-hour alert status.  The personnel were divided into day and night shifts in order to facilitate the immediate loading and take-off of the Squadron's aircraft upon a given signal.  On many occasions during this period, the planes were loaded with bombs and gotten into the air in less than 15 minutes after the practice alert signal was given.  From the day war was declared until the squadron was transferred to David, R. de P., it carried out anti-submarine patrols over the Caribbean with B-18 type aircraft.

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May 1942

The 45th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) was redesignated as a "heavy" bombardment unit on May 25.

June 1942

The 45th Bombardment Squadron departed Borinquen Field, Puerto Rico, at 9:00 A.M., on June 7, 1942, by USAT No. 62 for the Panama Canal Zone, and arrived at its temporary Station at France Field, Canal Zone, at 1:35 P.M., on June 17.  From June 17 until it moved to David, R. de P., in November, the 45th Squadron continued flying anti-submarine patrol from France Field, the average pilot flying time reaching 90 hours, using a B-18 type aircraft.  The Squadron Commander, Major Giannatti, gave the pilots at that time the choice of either flying a half-day every day, or a whole day every other day.

August 1942

The Hq. & Hq. Squadron. of the 40th Bombardment Group and the 485th Ordnance Company Aviation (Bomb) were disbanded by General Orders No. 41, Headquarters Sixth Air Force, August 8, 1942, and 57 enlisted men and one officer, and 28 enlisted personnel, respectively, were reassigned to the 45th Bombardment Squadron

November 1942

The 45th Bombardment Squadron moved from its temporary duty Station at France Field to its permanent Station at David, R. de P., under the authority of paragraph 1, Special Orders No. 59, Hq. VI Bomber Command, November 6, 1942.

An advance detail of two officers and 45 men departed France Field for David, R. de P., on November 6.  Thirty-two (32) enlisted men left France Field on November 8 by plane for David.  Three (3) officers and 38 enlisted men departed for new Station by motor transportation on November 11,  arriving at David on November 13.  Six officers and 92 enlisted men left France Field on November 12 for David by rail and water transportation, arriving at David on November 13.

The 45th Bombardment Squadron was assigned LB-30 aircraft and later B-24s upon its arrival at David.  The 45th continued to fly anti-submarine patrols out of David, but those flights were made over the Pacific instead of the Caribbean.

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February 1943

The 45th Bombardment Squadron changed Stations from David, R. de P., to the Galapagos Islands, in accordance with Special Orders No. 15, Headquarters VI Bomber Command, February 15, 1943.

Six officers and 157 enlisted men left David on February 17 for the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, traveling by rail and water transportation, arriving at the new Station on February 21.  Twenty-four (24) officers and 70 enlisted men departed David on February 21, for the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador, by air transportation, arriving at the Galapagos Islands on February 18.  While stationed in the Galapagos Islands, the 45th continued flying anti-submarine patrols, using Consolidated B-24 type aircraft

May 1943

Most of the personnel of the 45th Bombardment Squadron left the Galapagos Islands for Balboa, Canal Zone by water transportation on May 17, arriving in Balboa on May 22.   Twenty officers and 17 enlisted men left Galapagos for Howard Field, Canal Zone, by air transportation, on May 31, arriving at Howard Field on the same day.  The 45th remained in casual status from the date of its arrival at Howard Field, awaiting transfer to the United States for assignment.

June 1943

The 45th Bombardment Squadron, consisting of 60 officers and 337 enlisted men, left Howard Field by truck convoy at 4:10 P.M., on June 15, to board Army Transport "George Washington" at Balboa, Canal Zone, bound for San Francisco, California.  The "George Washington" arrived at San Francisco, California, at 1:43 A.M., on June 25.

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