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Now available from your local bookseller, Mr. Bodie's stunning War Eagles 1937-1942: America's Arsenal of Democracy-Vol. 1 sets a new standard in aviation publishing. Illustrated with only the finest original Kodachrome color photographs, Mr. Bodie brilliantly tells the remarkable story of American Aviation during the hectic transformation years when U.S. military aviation evolved from the depths of the depression into the world's premier aircraft manufacturing nation.

This groundbreaking photohistory features fabulous, never-before-published Kodachrome photography of the homefront during the period when American industry was transformed from a sleeping giant into the world's most concerted war machine. Readers witness the development and testing of amazing new warbirds, both those that would become legends and those that would never progress beyond prototypes-as well as the men and women who kept the effort rolling. The photography comprises a mix of official military imagery, as well as shots taken by aviation enthusiasts for private collections. All are accompanied by an authoritative text by Warren Bodie, a World War II United States Army Air Force veteran, and a foreword by the late Fred Bamberger, a retired Air Force colonel who helped pioneer the use of color film for aviation applications. The first history of its kind about the crucial first chapter in the greatest victory ever. Hardcover, 11 x 8-1/2, 196 pp, 200 color.

Retail pricing is at $39.95 or less.

Now Available!

Mr. Bodie's landmark history of the most important fighter in the American inventory when World War Two overtook an unprepared nation, is now available in a high quality, yet inexpensive softcover format. Unchanged from the original hardcover editions, The Lockheed P-38 Lightning is acknowledged by most aviation historians as being the definitive story of the big fighter. Using  goverment, military and Lockheed documentation and incorporating the finest collections of black&white and color photography, this important volume presents many facts and details previously unknown.

A limited number of autographed copies are available directly from the author. Write to the address provide at the bottom of the page.

Retail pricing is $24.95 or less.

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The air war in the Pacific and China-Burma-India Theaters photographed in beautiful Kodachrome. Filled with rare color photos, this book is a must for WWII aviation fans. No collection can afford to be without this marvelous volume. Pacific War Eagles retails for $39.95 or less.

The air war in the European and Mediterranean Theaters photographed in beautiful Kodachrome. Jammed full of rare color photos, no collection of WWII aviation books is complete without this book. War Eagles retails for $39.95 or less.

The definitive story of the P-47 Thunderbolt from the early days of Seversky to the final wartime Thunderbolts. Containing more than 250,000 words and hundreds of rare photos, many in full color, this book stands well above any other effort on the P-47.

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