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By Dan Murphy, assistant editor

The Purpose Of This Website:

The purpose is four fold:

1) To provide WWII veterans with a forum to publish their experiences. It is absolutely essential to preserve the individual history of each veteran. The mosaic of which, forms the core of all history.
2) To provide an accurate source of aircraft data. There is far too much inaccurate data currently published.
3) To provide accurate history of persons, units, and events pertaining to WWII aviation.
4) To entertain the reader.

Who Owns And Edits This Website:

This site is owned by Jordan Publishing Inc. and edited by Corey C. Jordan who resides on Long Island, New York. Mr. Jordan is a skilled researcher who has honed his skills over many years of historical and technical research. He is also a veteran of Naval Aviation, having accumulated more than 2,300 flight hours in various naval aircraft in the role of Flight Engineer, crewchief and and loadmaster. Mr. Jordan has worked for the past 20 years in private sector research and development, earning numerous patents for various original designs and technological advancements in several disciplines. These include various ordnance applications such as the TOW missile, TMD, FMU-139, Hellfire missile, HSTSS, I-CIDDS and Mk. 48 ADCAP.

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