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Welcome to the Planes and
Pilots of World War Two
link page.

Listed below are some of the best WWII websites that I have found to date.

Warbirds Resource Group.

The 4th Fighter Group website.

The Planes of Fame Air Museum.

The Red Tailed Angels, the Tuskegee Airmen.

8th Air Force website.

A Mustang triple Ace, Bud Anderson's website is terrific.

USAAF in WWII page.

Al Bowers' fighter pilot ace list.

Historynet aviation archives.

Joe Baugher's U.S. Military Aircraft page.

Gustin's Military Aircraft Database.

Flight Journal Magazine

The New England Air Museum

392nd Bomb Group

B-24 Image Archive and Research/Reference Center

8th Air Force Museum

381st Bomb Group web site

heavybombers.comMoved to

US Patrol Wing 10 in the Dutch East Indies, 1942

A great World War Two resource site

Fighter pilot veterans associations.

The American Fighter Aces Association.

P-38 tribute page.

The USAF museum.

The Australian magazine "Classic Wings".

The Brazilian Air Force in WWII.

The Mexican Air Force in WWII.

The official Flying Tigers site.

A simply terrific Swedish site.

Dutch Air Force Order of Battle in the Dutch East Indies

Randy Wilson's super aviation history site.

Gordon Stooke's Royal Australian Air Force 460 Squadron page.

Mid Atlantic Aviation/Air Museum.

The Little Friends home page, a first rate 8th Air Force website.

Black Cross-Red Star: The air war on the eastern front

David Hanson's terrific WWII aviation sites. Nice Work.

A nice site with lots of AVG and P-40 material.

World War II Ace's Stories. One of the very best sites. Don't miss it.

Major General Levi R. Chase Homepage.

Col. Jack Ilfrey tribute page. Very well done.

Robert Karr's aviation art.

Dedicated to Col. Jack S. Jenkins and the 55th Fighter Group.

The P-47 Thunderbolt Pilots Association.

The true story about the discovery of "Koga's Zero".

"Dedicated to all B-17 Combat Crewmen."

A former P-51 pilot's home page. Try it, Jerry's a nice guy.

How about an online DC-3 Museum?.

Web-Birds online.

Justin Oral History Center, Army and Air Corps Oral History

The Enola Gay Website.

Russian Aircraft of WWII.

A terrific Australian research site.

American Aces of World War Two

Phil's Aircraft Page. Hundreds of photos from every era of aviation.

Dave Lippman's excellent day by day account of WWII.

United States Strategic Bombing Survey, Pacific War.

United States Strategic Bombing Survey, European War.

An interesting site about a pilot and his TBM Avenger.

A Raid on Munich.

Fleet Air Arm Archive 1929-1945

Brewster Buffaloes for the Militaire Luchtvaart KNIL

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