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Development of Air Warfare

30 June 1910
Glenn Curtiss drops dummy bombs on a battle-ship shaped target on Lake Keuka.
20 August 1910
Two shots are fired with a rifle from a Curtiss biplane at a ground target, by Jacob A. Fickel.
7 January 1911
Myron S. Crissy drops a live bomb on a dummy target near San Fransisco.
Februari 1911
The John Moisant flying circus makes reconaissance flights for the Mexican government.
October 1911
Bombardment of Tripoli.
7 June 1912
A Lewis machine gun is tried on an US Army Wright B biplane.
8 February 1913
Fort Bezhani is bombed.
Exchange of pistol shots over Mexico by two single-engined biplanes, piloted by Phil Rader and Dean I. Lamb.
30 May 1913
Flying for the Mexican rebel Carranza, Didier Masson drops light bombs near a number of Mexican gunboats.
27 July 1914
A short tractor seaplane drops a 14 inch naval torpedo.
August 1914
A Royal Flying Corps pilot in France discharges his revolver at a German aircraft.
23 August 1913
French aircraft bomb Mullheim in Germany.
8 September 1914
First aerial victory for a Russian aircraft, when captain P. N. Nesterov, in an unarmed Morane-Saulnier M, rammed an Austrian aircraft. He was killed in the process.
5 October 1914
A Voisin III biplane bomber shoots down a German Aviatik reconaissance aircraft with a Hotchkiss machine gun. This was the first conventional air-to-air kill.
24 December 1914
A German 'Taube' monoplane flown by Leutnant Caspar drops the first bomb on British soil.

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