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Swedish Designations


The Swedish system was introduced after WWI and is still in use. Each aircraft type is assigned a series of function letters and a number. If an aircraft had multiple functions, more than one letter can be used. For example, the JAS 39 is designed to combine fighter, attack and reconaissance roles in a single airframe. The first letters has the highest priority.

When subtypes of one aircraft have different roles, they also have different function letters. For example, the fighter version (with a secondary attack) role of the Saab 337 Viggen is the JA 37; but the attack version (with a secondary fighter role) is the AJ 37.

       A   = Attack

       B   = Bomb

       Fpl = Flygplan (aeroplane; used for multirole light aircraft)

       Hkp = Helikopter

       J   = Jakt (fighter)

       S   = Spaning (reconnaissance)

       SF  = Spaning foto (photographic reconnaissance)

       SH  = Spaning havsövervakning (maritime reconnaissance)

       Sk  = Skol (trainer)

       T   = Torped (torpedo bomber) (obsolete)

       Tp  = Transport

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