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A-6 Intruder in Action

Aerodata International

Aircraft Armament

Aircraft Carrier, the majestic weapon

Air Warfare

An Illustrated Guide to Modern Airborne Missiles

An Illustrated Guide to Modern Warships

B-1B Bomber

B-17 in action

B-17G Flying Fortress

B-25 Mitchell in action

B-52 Stratofortress

B-52 Stratofortress

Barbarossa, invasion of Russia 1941

Battleships and Battlecruisers

Beaufighter at War

Beaufort Special

Bomber Offensive

Chronicle of Aviation

Combat Aircraft of World War Two

De geschiedenis van British Airways

De geschiedenis van de Douglas Dakota

De geschiedenis van de helikopter

De geschiedenis van de Lockheed-fabrieken

De Geschiedenis van de Luchtvaart

De Geschiedenis van de Luchtvaart

Dive Bombers In Action

Dornier Bombers and reconaissance aircraft 1925-1945.

F4U Corsair in action

F-106 Delta Dart in action

Fantastic Flying Machines

Fleet Air Arm 1920--1939

Flying the Frontiers

German Bombers of World War One

German Secret Weapons

Germany's First Air Force 1914-1918


Gunslingers in action

Halifax Special

Handley Page Victor


Harrier GR.3

Hermann Goering - Ijzeren Ikaros

Het Jaarboek van de Luchtvaart, eerste editie

Het Jaarboek van de Luchtvaart, derde editie


Jane's All The World's Aircraft

Jane's American Fighting Aircraft of the 20th Century

Jane's Aviation Review, sixth year of issue

Jane's Encyclopedia of Aviation

Jane's Fighting Aircraft of World War I

Jane's Fighting Aircraft of World War II

Jane's pocket book of Record-Breaking Aircraft

Jane's pocket book of Remotely Piloted Vehicles

Japanese Aircraft of World War II

Junkers Ju 88 in action, part 2


London's burning

Luchtvaart 1977

Messerschmitt 109

Messerschmitt Bf 109

Messerschmitt "O-Nine" Gallery

MiG-23/-27 Flogger

Modern Soviet Warplanes

Mustang. The P-51 Merlin Mustang in World War 2


North American F-100 Super Sabre

OKB MiG, a history of the design bureau and its aircraft

Operation Torch

P-47 Thunderbolt

Pearl Harbour

Pilot Officer Prune

RAF Buccaneer

RAF Nuclear Deterrent Forces

RAF Tornado

Republic F-105 Thunderchief

Rockets & Missiles

Schweinfurt, disaster in the skies

Sea, Sky and Stars. An Illustrated History of Grumman Aircraft

Sea Warfare

Sopwith Camel

Soviet Air Force Fighters Part 1
Soviet Air Force Fighters Part 2

Soviet X-Planes

Spitfire Special




Testing Early Jets

Testing for Combat

The Aerospace Chronology

The Age of the Helicopter --- Vertical Flight

The Battle of Britain

The Complete Book of Fighters

The Encyclopedia of German Military Aircraft

The Horten Flying Wing in World War II

The Illustrated Directory of Fighting Aircraft of World War II

The Illustrated History of Seaplanes & Flying Boats

Their Finest Hour, the story of the Battle of Britain 1940

The Ironworks

The Power Behind Their Wings

The Spitfire Story

The World's worst aircraft


Typhoon and Tempest at War

US Army Air Force Fighters part 1
US Army Air Force Fighters part 2

US Jet Fighters since 1945

Vechtende Piloten




Who's who in Aviation History

Wings of the Luftwaffe

Wings of the Navy

World War II : Japanese & Italian Aircraft

75 Jaar Luchtvaart in Antwerpen

80 jaar Russische Luchtvaart


Aeroplane Monthly

Air International

Le Fana de l'Aviation



Emmanuel Gustin

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