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American Aircraft Markings

Buzz Numbers

After WWII, 'Buzz numbers' were introduced to identify USAF aircraft. Such a number was a combination of a two-letter code indicating the aircraft type and the last three digits of the aircraft serial.

  BE        North American B-45 Tornado

  FA        Lockheed F-94 Starfire

  FB        McDonnell F-101 Voodoo

  FC        Convair F-102 Delta Dagger

  FE        Convair F-106 Delta Dart

  FE        Focke-Wulf Fw 190

  FG        Lockheed F-104 Starfighter

  FH        Republic F-105 Thunderchief

  FS        Republic F-84H

  FT        Lockheed F-80 Shooting Star

  FU        North American F-86 Sabre

  FV        Northrop F-89 Scorpion

  FW        North American F-100 Super Sabre

  PN        Lockheed P-80 Shooting Star

  PS        Republic P-84 Thunderjet

  TC        Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-15

  TR        Lockheed T-33

Tail Codes

Current USAF tailcodes indicate the Wing or Group. They are often chosen to reflect their base, however, and parts of a Wing that are based separately may adopt their own tail code.

  AD                                     EGLIN AFB  FL

  AK   343rd Wing                        Eielson AB, Alaska, USA

  AK   354th Fighter Wing                Eielson AB, Alaska, USA

  AK   3rd Wing                          Elmendorf AFB, Alaska, USA

  AL   187th FG                          Dannelly Field, Montgomery, Alabama, USA

  AR                                     RAF ALCONBURY UK

  AU   Air University                    Maxwell AFB, Alabama, USA

  AV   31st FW                           Aviano AB, Italy.

  AZ                                     TUCSON AP AZ

  BA                                     BERGSTROM AFB TX

  BB   9th RW                            Beale AFB, Arizona, USA

  BB   9th RW                            RAF Alconbury, UK

  BC   110th FG                          Kellog Airport, Michigan, USA

  BD   917th FW                          Barksdale AFB, Lousiana, USA

  BH   117th RW                          Birmingham MAP, Alabama, USA

  BT   36th FW                           Bitburg AB, Germany

  CA   93rd BW                           Castle AFB, California, USA

  CB   14th FTW                          Columbus AFB, Mississipi, USA

  CC   27th FW                           Cannon AFB, New Mexico, USA

  CM                                     COLUMBUS AFB MS

  CN                                     COLUMBUS AFB, MS

  CO   140th FW                          Buckley ANGB, CO, USA

  CR   32nd FG                           Soesterberg AB, Netherlands

  CS   21st Space Wing                   Peterson AFB, Colorado, USA

  CT   103rd FG                          Bradley Int., Connecticut, USA

  DB   94th Airlift Wing                 Dobbins AFB, Georgia, USA

  DC   113th FW                          Andrews AFB, MD, USA

  DM   355th FW                          Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona, USA

  DO   906th Fighter Group               Wright Patterson AFB, Ohio, USA

  DY   7th Wing                          Dyess AFB, Texas, USA

  ED   46th TW                           Edwards AFB, California, USA

  EG   33rd FW                           Eglin AFB, Florida, USA

  EL   28th BW                           Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota, USA

  EL   44th Missile Wing                 Ellsworth AFB, South Dakota, USA

  EN   80th FTW                          Sheppard AFB, Texas, USA

  ET   3246th TW                         Eglin AFB, Florida, USA

  ET   46th TW                           Eglin AFB, Florida, USA

  FC   336th CTG                         Fairchild AFB, Washington, USA

  FC   92nd BW                           Fairchild AFB, Washington, USA

  FE   90th Missile Wing                 Francis E Warren AFB, Wyoming, USA

  FF   1st FW                            Langley AFB, Virginia, USA

  FL   939th Rescue Wing                 Patrick AFB, Florida, USA

  FL   125th FG                          Jacksonville IAP, FLorida, USA

  FM   482nd Fighter Wing                Homestead AFB, Florida, USA

  FM   482nd Fighter Wing                MacDill AFB, Florida, USA

  FS   188th FG                          Fort Smith MAP, AR, USA

  FT   23rd FW                           Pope AFB, North Carolina, USA

  FW   122nd FW                          Fort Wayne MAP, Indiana, USA

  GA                                     GEORGE AFB CA

  GF   319th BG                          Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA

  GF   91th Missile Wing                 Grand Forks, North Dakota, USA

  GR   416th BG-W                        Grifiss AFB, New York, USA

  GU                                     TAEGU AB R.O.K.

  HA                                     SIOUX CITY A/P IA

  HF   181st Fighter Wing                TERRE HAUTE A/P IN

  HI   419th Fighter Wing                Hill AFB, Utah, USA

  HL   366th Wing                        Hill AFB, Utah, USA

  HM                                     HOLLOMAN AFB NM

  HO   49th FW                           Holloman AFB, New Mexico, USA

  HR                                     HAHN AB FRG

  HS                                     HOMESTEAD AFB FL

  HV   30th Space Wing                   Vandenberg AFB, California, USA

  HW   24th Wing                         Howard AFB, Panama

  IA   132nd FW                          Des Moines IAP, IA, USA

  ID                                     GRISSOM AFB, IN

  IL   182nd FG                          Gtr Peoria Apt., Illinois, USA

  IN   930th FG                          Grissom AFB, Indiana, USA

  IN   434th Wing                        Grissom AFB, Indiana, USA

  IS   35th Wing                         NAF Keflavik, Iceland

  KC   442nd Fighter Wing                Richards Gebaur AFB, Missouri, USA

  KE                                     KEY FIELD MERIDIAN MS

  KI   410th BW                          Sawyer AFB, Michigan, USA

  KS   552ng ACW                         Keesler AFB, Mississippi, USA

  KS   81st TRW                          Keesler AFB, Mississippi, USA

  KT   403rd Airlift Wing                Keesler AFB, Mississippi, USA

  KY                                     STANDIFORD FIELD, KY

  LA                                     LUKE AFB AZ

  LB   64th FTW                          Reese AFB, Texas, USA

  LF   58th FW                           Luka AFB, Arizona, USA

  LH                                     LUKE/DAVIS MONTHAN AFB

  LK   314th ALW                         Little Rock, Arkansas

  LN   48th TFW                          RAF Lakenheath, UK

  LR   944th Fighter Group               Luka AFB, Arizona, USA

  LY                                     LANGLEY AFB VA

  LV   4450th TG                         Nellis AFB NV 'Las Vegas'

  LZ   42nd BW                           Loring AFB, Maine, USA

  MA   104th FG                          Barnes Municipal, Westfield, Massachusetts, USA

  MB   354th FW                          Myrtle Beach AFB, South Carolina, USA

  MC                                     MCDILL AFB FL

  MD   175th FG                          Martin State, Maryland, USA

  MD   366th Wing                        Castle AFB, California, USA

  MI   127th FW                          Selfridge ANGB, Michigan, USA

  MJ   432nd Fighter Wing                Misawa AB, Japan

  MM   341st Missile Wing                Malmstrom AFB, Montana, USA

  MO   366th Wing                        Mountain Home AFB, Idaho, USA

  MS   934th Airlift Group               Minneapolis St. Paul, MN, USA

  MT   5th BW                            Minot AFB, Montana, USA

  MT   90th Missile Wing                 Minot AFB, North Dakota, USA

  MX   908th Airlift Group               Maxwell AFB, Alabama, USA

  MY   347th FW                          Moody AFB, Georgia, USA

  NA                                     NELLIS AFB NV

  NF   355th FW                          Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona, USA

  NF   914th Airlift Group               Niagara Falls IAP, New York, USA

  NJ                                     MCGUIRE AFB NJ

  NM   150th FG                          Kirtland AFB, New Mexico, USA

  NO   926th Fighter Group               NAS New Orleans, Lousiana, USA

  NT                                     MATHER AFB CA

  NY   174th FW                          Hancock Field, Syracuse, New York, USA

  OF   55th Wing                         Offutt AFB, Nebraska, USA

  OG   2nd BW                            Barksdale AFB, Lousiana, USA

  OH   180th FG                          Toledo Express Apt., OH, USA

  OH   178th                             Springfield-Beckley MAP, Ohklahoma, USA

  OH                                     RICKENBACKER ANGB OH

  OH                                     TOLEDO A/P OH

  OK   138th FG                          Tulsa IAP, Oklahoma, USA

  OK   552nd ACW                         Tinker AFB, Oklahoma, USA

  OS   51st Fighter Wing                 Osan AFB, Korea

  OT   USAF Air Warfare Centre           Eglin AFB, Florida, USA

  OZ   384th BW                          McConnell AFB, Kansas, USA

  PA   111th FG                          NAS Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, USA

  PA                                     HARRISBURG A/P, PA

  PD   939th Rescue Wing                 Portland IAP, Oregon, USA

  PF                                     Patrick AFB, Florida, USA

  PI   911th Airlift Group               Gtr Pittsburgh IAP, PA, USA

  PN                                     Clark AFB, Phillipines

  PP   302nd Airlift Wing                Peterson AFB, Colorado, USA

  PR   156th FG                          Puerto Rico IAP, San Juan

  PT                                     PITTSBURGH A/P PA

  RA   12th FTW                          Randolph AFB, Texas, USA

  RG   339th TESTS                       Robins AFB, Georgia, USA

  RS   96th Wing                         Ramstein AB, Germany

  SA   149th FG                          Kelly AFB, Texas, USA

  SB                                     SEMBACH AFB FRG

  SC                                     MCENTIRE ANGB SC

  SD                                     SIOUX FALLS A/P, SD

  SH   507th Fighter Group               Tinker AFB, Oklahoma, USA

  SI   183rd FG                          Capital Apt., Springfield, IL., USA

  SJ   4th Wing                          Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina, USA

  SL   131st FW                          Lambert Field, st. Louis, MO, USA

  SM   337th TESTS                       McClellan AFB, California, USA

  SP   52nd FW                           Spangdahlem AB, Germany

  SW   363rd FW                          Shaw AFB, South Carolina, USA

  TC   355th Wing                        McChord AFB, Washington, USA

  TH   301st Fighter Wing                Carswell AFB, Texas, USA

  TH   181st FG                          Hulman Field, Terre Haute, Indiana, USA

  TJ                                     Torrejon AB, Spain

  TR                                     Nellis AFB, NV (TONOPAH)

  TX                                     BERGSTROM AFB TX

  TY   325th FW                          Tyndall AFB, Florida, USA

  UH                                     RAF UPPER HEYFORD

  VA   192nd FG                          Byrd IAP, Richmond, Virginia, USA

  VN   71st FTW                          Vance AFB, Oklahoma, USA

  VO   928th Airlift Group               Chicago, Illinois, USA

  VT                                     BURLINGTON A/P VT

  VV                                     GEORGE AFB CA

  WA   57th FW                           Nellis AFB, Nevada, USA

  WA   USAF Weapons School               Nellis AFB, Nevada, USA

  WF                                     SHEPARD AFB TX

  WG   913th Airlift Group               NAS Willow Grove, PA, USA

  WI   128th FW                          Truax Field, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

  WL                                     Williams AFB, Arizona

  WM   351st Missile Wing                Whiteman AFB, Missouri, USA

  WP   8th Fighter Wing                  Kunsan AB, Korea

  WR   81st FW                           RAF Bentwaters, UK

  WR                                     RAF Woodbridge, UK

  WT   509th BW                          Whiteman AFB, Missouri, USA

  WW                                     George AFB, California, USA

  WW   35th TFW

  WW   37th TFW

  XL   47th FTW                          Laughlin AFB, Texas, USA

  YJ   374th Airlift Wing                Yokota AB, Japan

  YO   910th Airlift Group               Youngstown MAP, OH, USA

  ZR                                     Zweibrucken, Germany

  ZZ   18th Wing                         Kadena, Okinawa, Japan

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