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Great Books For The WWII Aviation Reader

Widewing publications

America's Hundred Thousand: U.S. Production Fighters of World War II by Francis H. (Diz) Dean. Schiffer Books. ISBN 978-0764300721 (a good one)

Black Sheep One: The Life of Gregory "Pappy" Boyington by Bruce Gamble. Presidio Press. ISBN 978-0891418016

Aces Against Japan: The American Aces Speak by Eric Hammel. Pocket Books. ISBN 978-0935553598

The Lockheed P-38 Lightning by Warren Bodie. Widewing Publishing. ISBN 978-0962935954

American Combat Aircraft of World War II by David Donald. Motorbooks Int. ISBN 978-1580070041

Thunderbolt!: An Extraordinary Story of a World War II Ace by Robert S. Johnson. The Honoribus Press. ISBN 978-1885354051

CLASH OF WINGS: World War II in the Air by Walter J. Boyne. Touchstone Books. ISBN 978-0684839158

Republic's P-47 Thunderbolt: From Seversky to Victory by Warren Bodie. Widewing Publishing. ISBN 978-0962935916

Fork-Tailed Devil: The P-38 by Martin Caidin. Ballantine Books. ISBN 978-0743413183

Oxford Companion to World War 2 by I.C.B. Dear & M.R.D. Foot. The Oxford University Press. ISBN 0-19-866225-4

Happy Jack's Go Buggy: A Fighter Pilots Story by Ilfrey and Copeland. Schiffer Books. ISBN 978-0764306648

Winged Victory: The Army Air Forces in World War II by Geoffrey Perret. Random House Books. ISBN 978-0375750472

JG 26: Top Guns of the Luftwaffe by Donald L. Caldwell. Ivy Books. ISBN 978-0804110501

LUFTWAFFE FIGHTER ACES by Mike Spick. Ivy Books. ISBN 978-1848326279

PILOT by Tony LeVier. Bantam Books. ISBN 978-0553287851

Flying Tiger: A Crew Chief's Story by Frank and Terry Losonsky. Schiffer Books. ISBN 978-0764300455

Beware the Thunderbolt!: The 56th Fighter Group in World War II by David R. McLaren. MBI Publishing. ISBN 978-0887406607

20th Fighter Group by Ron MacKay. Squadron Signal Publications. ISBN 978-0897473682

The 357th Over Europe by Merle Olmsted. Specialty Press. ISBN 0-933-42473-6

Protect & Avenge: The 49th Fighter Group in World War II by Ferguson and Pascalis. Schiffer Books. ISBN 978-0887407505

Air War Europa: America's Air War Against Germany in Europe and North Africa 1942-1945 : Chronology by Erik Hammel. Pacifica Press. ISBN 978-0935553253

Wings of War: Fighting WWII in the Air by Jeffery Ethell. Naval Institute Press. ISBN 978-1557502490

WWII War Eagles: Global Air War in Original Color by Ethell and Bodie. Widewing Publications. ISBN 978-0962935923

Complete Encyclopedia of World Aircraft by David Donald. Barnes and Noble Books. ISBN 978-0760705926

USAAF Handbook 1939-1945 by Martin W. Bowman. Stackpole Books. ISBN 978-0811718226

P-38 Lightning Aces of the Pacific and CBI by John Stanaway. Ospray Publishing. ISBN 978-1855326330

Fortress In The Sky by Peter M. Bowers. Sentry Books. ISBN. 978-0913194041

At Dawn We Slept: The Untold Story of Pearl Harbor by George W. Prange. McGraw-Hill. ISBN 978-0070506695

Destiny: A Flying Tigers Rendezvous With Fate by Erik Shilling. Self Published in hard cover, profusely illustrated. Contact Erik Shilling, 5641 Carol Ave. Alta Loma, CA. 91701 ISBN 978-1882463022

Aces Wild: The Race for Mach 1 by Al Blackburn. Scholarly Resources. ISBN 978-0842027328

Aircraft of World War II by Bill Gunston. Chancellor Press. ISBN 1-85152-865-2

Lockheed P-38 Lightning by Steve Pace. Motorbooks International. ISBN 978-0760301517

Russian Civil and Military Aircraft 1884-1969 by Nowarra and Duval. Fountain Press. ISBN 978-0852424605

Spitfire by Pace and Ethell. Motorbooks International. ISBN 978-0760303009

Tumult in the Clouds by James A. Goodson. St. Martin's Press. ISBN 978-0312904777

Tale of a Tiger by Robert T. Smith. Tiger Originals. ISBN 978-0961801205

8th Air Force at War: Memories and Missions, England 1942-45 by Martin Bowman. Patrick Stephens LTD. ISBN 978-1852604448

Flak and Barbed Wire - in the Wake of Wuppertal by Gordon Stooke. Australian Military History Publications. ISBN 978-0958669320.

Flying Tiger to Air Commando by Chuck Baisden. Schiffer Books. ISBN 978-0764306907

United States Navy aircraft since 1911 by Swarnborough and Bowers. Naval Institute Press. ISBN 978-0870217920

Mustang Aces of the Eighth Air Force by Jerry Scutts. Osprey Books. ISBN 978-1855324473

The 55th Fighter Group vs the Luftwaffe by John M. Gray. Specialty Press. ISBN 1-58007-004-3

Blood, Tears and Folly: An Objective Look at World War II by Len Deighton. HarperCollins. ISBN 978-0060170004

Duel for the Sky: 10 Crucial Air Battles of World War 2 Vividly Recreated by Christopher Shores. Grub Street. ISBN 978-1898697992

B-25 Mitchell by Steve Pace. Motorbooks International. ISBN 978-0879389390

Why the Allies Won by Richard Overy. Norton and Company. ISBN 978-0393316193

Chennault by Jack Samson. Doubleday. ISBN 978-0385231718

American Fighter by Angelucci & Bowers. Orion Books. ISBN 978-0517565889

The Air Racer by Charles A. Mendenhall. Specialty Press. ISBN 978-0933424012

Beyond the Dikes by Howard R. DeMallie. Self published. ISBN 978-1883938864

The Mighty Eighth: The Air War in Europe as Told by the Men Who Fought It by Gerald Astor. Dell Publishing. ISBN 978-0440226482

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