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Trucks converted with 
Marmon-Herrington All-Wheel Drive Conversion Kits

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Truck, 3-ton, 6x6, Crash Tender (Ford/Marmon-Herrington MM5-6)
1940 Ford 098T chassis, converted to 6x6 configuration by Marmon-Herrington for RCAF domestic use.

This survivor, located East of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada was auctioned on eBay in January 2002 where it fetched US$1,574.99.

8 cyl., 95 bhp., 4F1Rx2, wb 158 in., tyres 9.00x16.

The same truck, photographed after having migrated south to the USA.

Pictures courtesy of Dan Eakins.

Rear view of chassis - note rear wheel drive setup differs from the 1942 example pictured below.
Judging by the cast-in markings this is a Timken conversion set, which used an entirely different concept than the Welles-Thornton 2-Axle Drive conversion.
Heavy control rods keep the axles in place.

Shown here is "Old Bumpy", a Crash Tender preserved at the The Bomber Command Museum of Canada
Old Bumpy is based on a 1942 Ford chassis.

Courtesy of Sean Spencer, shown here are several pictures of another Crash Tender, preserved at the Edmonton Aviation Heritage Society, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 
It is also based on a 1942 Ford chassis but is missing the Crash Tender body.
The Welles-Thornton 2-Axle Drive conversion is shown to good advantage in this picture. 
Another good view of the Welles-Thornton 2-Axle Drive conversion
The transfer case is supported by trunnion tubes and is installed between the two axles.
This badge denotes H.V. Welles Ltd of Windsor, Ont., fitted the 2-Axle Drive conversion. Unknown is if H.V. Welles also fitted the Marmon-Herrington All-Wheel-Drive conversion (driven front axle).
RCAF 33-799, still a mean looking truck.
Cab interior.
Dash showing M-H shift plate.

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