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Military Illustrations from

Las Cantigas de Santa Maria

"The Cantigas de Santa Maria is one of the most notable literary productions of the court of Alfonso X. The Cantigas consist of more than four hundred poems set to music extolling the virtues of the Virgin Mary, and many of the poems derive from events of Alfonso's reign. While the poems were written in 1280, before the illustrations, which were completed on or around 1284, the illustrations have drawn scholars into a world of crosscultural references and literary parallels. There are four surviving Cantigas manuscripts: two live in the Biblioteca de San Lorenzo el Real at the El Escorial palace near Madrid - MS T.I. 1, also known as the Códice Rico, and the MS B.1.2 - the third manuscript is in Madrid at the Biblioteca Nacional, MS 10.069, and the last example is in Florence, Italy at the Biblioteca Nazionale, MS Banco Rari 20." Sarah. A. Cosgrove

Most of the images here are from codex MS T.I. 1 (Códice Rico).

Full Pages from the Cantigas de Santa Maria

Including larger pictures of:
Cantiga 22 featuring unarmoured Spanish spearmen
Cantiga 28 featuring a siege of Constantinople
Cantiga 33 featuring Spanish ships and boats
Cantiga 35 featuring ships & Moorish soldiers in galeases
Cantiga 46 Moors, conversion to christianity.
Cantiga 63 featuring soldiers in zig-zag livery
Cantiga 95a featuring mouros in galleys
Cantiga 95b featuring moors in galleys and unarmoured spearmen
Cantiga 99 featuring moorish troops
Cantiga 119 featuring spearmen, demons & angels
Cantiga 165a featuring muslim cavalry, & armoured infantry
Cantiga 165b featuring muslim cavalry, mounted drummers & trumpeters
Cantiga 181 A Moroccan army is defeated by another with the banner of Holy Mary
Cantiga 185 featuring unarmoured spearmen, plotting & immolation
Cantiga 187a featuring Granadine cavalry
Cantiga 187b featuring Granadine cavalry & infantry
Cantiga 191 - A poor squire was in charge of a castle called Ródenas in the district of Albarracín.

Pages from: codex Florencia Ms Banco Rari 20
Cantiga CSM 205 featuring military order troops
Cantiga CSM 207 featuring a knight in armour
Cantiga CSM 235 featuring Castilian cavalry
Cantiga CSM 245 featuring bandits
Cantiga CSM 256 featuring Granadine crossbowmen
Cantiga CSM 275 featuring Knights Hospitaller
Cantiga CSM 299 featuring the Order of the Star
Cantiga CSM 408 featuring a battle

Extra Cantigas de Santa Maria Individual Panels

Panel 5, Cantiga 5 - The Roman emperor crusading.
Panel 6, Cantiga 12 - The Jews are killed by a mob with swords & falchions.
Panel 2, Cantiga 19 - The Three Knights.
Panel 1, Cantiga 44 - A nobleman from Aragón lost his goshawk while hunting.
Panel 1, Cantiga 51 - The Count of Poitiers and his men laid siege to a castle in Orleans.
Panel 4, Cantiga 67 - The Man who had the Devil as his Servant.
Panels 1, 2 & 4, Cantiga 83 - The Prisoner who was freed from the Moors.
Panel 1, Cantiga 106 - Two squires attempted a robbery.
Panel 1, Cantiga 126 - A man in Elche was shot in the face by an arrow.
Panel 4, Cantiga 148 - A knight, wearing such a garment, was attacked by his enemies.
Panel 5, Cantiga 148 - His squires raised the alarm and people came and discovered him alive.
Panel 2, Cantiga 234 - The King was beset with troubles.
Panel 3, Page 1, Cantiga 245 - They abused him and held him in the castle of Neiva.
from: codex Florencia Ms Banco Rari 20
Panel 1, Cantiga CSM 271 - A ship, owned by the king of Alenquer, was stuck fast in the Morabe River near Azemmour.
Panel 5, Cantiga CSM 275 - The Rabid Knights Hospitaller.
Panel 1, Cantiga CSM 408 - A squire, a man of noble birth, was badly wounded by an arrow while fighting in Lombardy.

A larger list of Cantigas de Santa Maria on both civilian and military subjects

Captions from The Oxford Cantigas de Santa Maria Database
Nearly all the pages from the MS T.I. 1 - Códice Rico
Nearly all the pages from the Florencia Ms Banco Rari 20
For illustrations of musical subjects see The Cantigas de Santa Maria
Illustrations of the various musical instruments being played.

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