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Illustration from the Roda Bible, c.1050-1100AD

Biblia Sancti Petri Rodensis. Ms Latin 6 (2) folio 129v

Detail of upper register. Gezer taken?

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... the inclusion of the siege in the upper section of the picture remains unclear. Surely this is not meant to depict Solomon's building of the city and its fortifications (I Kings 9:17-19; 2 Chronicles 8: 2-6),16 for there are no signs of construction. It does appear to be the siege and ultimate capture of a city, even though the attacking knights are illogically placed inside the walls, doubtless for lack of space. Perhaps this is meant to be the capture of Geser by the Egyptian king, who then bestowed it on his daughter, Solomon's wife, as a wedding gift (I Kings 9:16-17).17

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