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9th Century Carolingian Soldiers from
Lothar I and soldiers in the Lothar Bible, folio 1v

1v. Portrait de Lothaire Ier
Titre: Evangelia quattuor [Évangiles de Lothaire] (3v-207r). Capitulare evangeliorum (207v-221v).
Date d'édition: 0849-0851
Type: manuscrit
Langue: Latin
Format: Abbaye Saint-Martin de Tours. - Minuscule caroline

1v. Portrait of Lothair I
Title: The Four Gospels [Gospels of Lothair] (3v-207r). Capitulary of the Gospels (207v-221v).
Date of issue: 849-851AD
Type: Manuscript
Language: Latin
Format: St. Martin Abbey, Tours. - Caroline Minuscule
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