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The Hornhausen Stone
Germanic or Slavic Cavalryman on a Gravestone, c.700AD
Magdeburg region, Saxony, Germany

Rider stone from Hornhausen (MLU Halle-Wittenberg)
Image source: The unknown god

Stone with horseman from Hornhausen (Saxony).
Part of a gravestone, 1st half of the 7th century.
Sandstone, 78 × 66cm.
Found 1874 nr. Hornhausen (Ochsersleben region), Saxon-Frankish burial field.
Halle an der Saale, Museum.
Source: akgimages

Referenced on p.3, The Age of Charlemagne (Men-at-Arms 150) by D.Nicolle, A.McBride
This gravestone of around 700 AD from the Magdeburg region shows the simple weaponry, sword, spear and shield, common to both Germans and Slavs in this frontier region. (Landesmuseum für Vorgeschichte, Halle)

Merovingian Cavalry 7th-8th Century in Armies of the Dark Ages 600-1066 by Ian Heath, perhaps based on this funerary stele.
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