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Holy Women and Sleeping Guards at the Sepulchre.
f.68v, Homilary of Paulus Diaconus, 10th century.
Universitätsbibliothek Basel, Ms B IV 26.

Country of Location: Switzerland
Location: Basel
Library / Collection: Universitätsbibliothek
Shelfmark: B IV 26
Manuscript Title: Homiliarium
Caption: Parchment · 114 + 3 ff. · 28.5 x 23 cm · St. Gall · 10th century
Language: Latin
Manuscript Summary: This manuscript, written by various, difficult to distinguish copyists during the 10th century, contains the homilary of Paulus Diaconus for the winter season. It is decorated with two interesting full-page pen drawings (6r and 68v) and numerous flower-adorned initials in the St. Gall book decoration style. It belonged to the Charter House at Basel and, like B III 2, was a gift from Pierre de la Trilline, Bishop of Lodève near Montpellier (1430-1441), who served in various capacities at the Council of Basel. (ber)
Source: e-codices

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