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Uniforms Of Spanish Units At The Battle Of Talavera 1809

(Spanish Text by José Manuel Rodríguez Gómez, Illustrations by Jose Maria Bueno)


Infantería de línea: Line Infantry
Granadero: Grenadier
Infantería de línea. Line Infantry.
Regimiento de Irlanda: Irish Regiment
Regimiento de Toledo, Infantería de línea:
Toledo Regiment, Line Infantry

The grenadiers of the line infantry dressed almost like their comrades in arms, wearing the same coat color (white for all regiments of Spanish infantry personnel, under the rules of 1805) and the distinguishing colors of his regiment. The most notable difference lay the seal-skin cap in the form of a mitre, topped on the back part by a strip of silk on which the shield of the regiment to which they belonged is embroidered. Also recorded is a gold grenade on the holster. The detail of the band sewn to the fur hat distinguished the Spanish grenadiers from any other grenadiers on the continent. The grenadier represented here belonged to the Regiment of Guadalajara, and therefore took no part in the Battle of Talavera. But this figure illustrates the appearance of the grenadiers of the regiments of foot that took part in the battle. This soldier wears the uniform of 1805 with bicorne hat and white breeches. Note the sky blue of the coat, exclusive to units of irish origin, of which there were three before the war, the regiments Irlanda, Hibernia and Ultonia. The troops were formed from irish catholic immigrants, expelled or exiled from Ireland for supporting the Jacobite pretender to the throne. Other continental catholic countries like France, also gave asylum to Irish families, and also formed regiments of troops from them. It should be noted that throughout the Revolutionary War the irish were loyal unto death to their adopted country, Spain. The picture presented here is for the dress uniform of this regiment in 1811. I could not find any source that allows me to represent these soldiers as they fought in 1809. The uniform shown is largely dependent on French fashion, that is, copying the French army models. Thus, this soldier is shown with a shako adorned with a green pompom. The jacket, of brown colour, already has very short skirts. The white breeches are similar to those worn before the war. Instead of boots, leggings, which were not previously used, cover the shoes.

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