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Uniforms Of Spanish Units At The Battle Of Talavera 1809

(Spanish Text by José Manuel Rodríguez Gómez, Illustrations by Jose Maria Bueno)



Regimiento 2º de Cataluña, Infantería ligera:
2nd Regiment of Catalonia, Light Infantry
Regimiento 2º de Barbastro, Infantería ligera:
2nd Regiment of Barbastro, Light Infantry
Infantería de Marina:
Marine Infantry

This soldier wears the uniform that replaced the previous one of 1805. The new uniform, French cut, consists of a shako with a badge on the front with the name of the regiment; the jacket was closed, no flaps and skirts smaller than those of the line infantry; colour is sea blue. The service uniform is complete with black gaiters over white breeches. This soldier wears a cloak over his service uniform, of the same cut as the above soldier, but is shown with the same bicorne hat as the line infantry. Almost certainly this was not the appearance of 2nd Regiment of Barbastro at Talavera. The heat would prevent them from wearing the cloak and leggings. Marine uniform for service with the field army. His appearance is very similar to that of the line fusiliers in their arms and cut of their uniform. The major differences are obviously in the colour of the coat, which in this case is royal blue and red, like the Royal Guard (by special privilege granted to the Marines by the Crown). The collar of the coat has two anchors to mark its naval origin. The sword on his belt is not the same model as the infantry, but is shorter and thicker, used on board as a crude tool and in melee in boarding actions.

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