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Uniforms Of Spanish Units At The Battle Of Talavera 1809

(Spanish Text by José Manuel Rodríguez Gómez, Illustrations by Jose Maria Bueno)



Regimiento de húsares de María Luisa:
Maria Luisa Hussar Regiment
Regimiento de cazadores Voluntarios del Estado:
Volunteers of the State Cazadore Regiment

This regiment did not fight at Talavera because it was dissolved in March 1809. However, its soldiers formed the basis for forming Extremadura Hussar Regiments 1 and 2. The uniform of these two units, to my knowledge, followed the lines of its parent unit, blue trousers and pelisse with the same braid and decorations. The jacket can be any other colour than red. Also, it a possisble that headgear other than the Mirliton shown on the figure was worn, perhaps a french style hussar shako. Note the emblem of the sword and quill crossed and the curved sabre. This picture shows the basic lines of its uniform; green breeches and jacket (no tails); shako with peaks and silver cords. Facing colour collar with crossed sword and quill emblem, and the curved sabre, of the light cavalry.

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