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Uniforms Of Spanish Units At The Battle Of Talavera 1809

(Spanish Text by José Manuel Rodríguez Gómez, Illustrations by Jose Maria Bueno)


Regimiento de dragones de Almansa:
Almansa Dragoon Regiment
Regimiento de dragones de Almansa:
Almansa Dragoon Regiment

Lieutenant, Almansa Dragoon Regiment. His grade is indicated by the epaulet on his right shoulder. The jackets and breeches of the dragoon regiments had a common yellow colour, but in addition, each regiment had its own facing colours for collar, cuffs and turnbacks. Note that this officer has the boots of the line cavalry. The silver adornment on the shoulder are not regulation. Perhaps because he was the lead adjutant to a superior officer. Soldier of this regiment, showing their weapons: the long, straight, model 1801, cavalry sword and model 1798 carbine.

Regimiento de dragones de Lusitania:
Lusitania Dragoon Regiment
Regimiento de dragones de Villaviciosa:
Villaviciosa Dragoon Regiment

Ensign, (note the epaulet on the left shoulder) Lusitania Dragoon Regiment. Note that in this case the facings of the regiment are the black and yellow colours shown in the ribbons knotted above the regimental flag. Compare the flag of this regiment with the flag of the Calatrava Regiment. The two have obvious similarities in form, but the one drawn here is not square. Embroidered in the centre is the escution of the regiment. This soldier is carrying a squadron flag, square in shape and design much simpler than the standard of the previous figure. Observe well the golden lilies in the corners of the fabric.

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Spanish Uniforms of Joseph Bonaparte's Army from the NYPL