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Text by Simon Chick
Engraving by Jost Amman

Hungarian cavalrymen by Jost Amman
Picture source
    Figure 9: This etching illustrates a pair of Hungarian cavalrymen, possibly hussars or officers. The left-hand figure wears a long, probably ankle-length caftan with frogging similar to Turkish dress. He is armed with a sword and carried a wedge-shaped mace. The horse is decorated with a leopard skin which is draped over the horse's head and secured by a large plume. The figure on the right has a richly decorated cloak with a fur collar over a knee length caftan, under which is visible a skirt and tight-fitting trousers and shoes. Both men wear Hungarian caps decorated with eagle feathers and a long ostrich plume. The right-hand figure is armed merely with a sabre but on the field is likely to have carried a lance as does figure 8.

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