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Selected illustrations from

Recueil des croniques d’Engleterre
Collection of chronicles of England
British Library MS. Royal 14 E IV

f.14v Battle between the garrisons of
Cherbourg and Montebourg

f.23r The siege of Mortagne

f.28v The siege of Pamplona

f.59v Capture of a bastion at Troyes

AuthorJean of Wavrin
TitleRecueil des croniques d’Engleterre
OriginFrance, N. E. (Lille?) and Netherlands, S. (Bruges)
Datec. 1470- c. 1480
ScriptGothic cursive
ScribeJean Du Quesne (Jean Duchesne)
ArtistsMaster of the Vienna and Copenhagen Toison d’Or, Master of the White Inscriptions, Master of Edward IV
Decoration5 half-page miniatures in colours and gold, with full borders, and initials in colours and gold with flowers, at the beginning of books (ff. 10, 71, 121, 186, 254). 33 half-page or one-column miniatures with partial borders, and foliate initials in colours and gold, at the beginning of chapters (ff. 14v, 23, 28v, 34, 39, 47v, 49v, 57, 59v, 64, 81, 98v, 114, 169v, 195, 201v, 204, 210, 217v, 224, 232, 236, 244v, 252, 258v, 259v, 265v, 267v, 276, 281v, 284, 293v, 299). Initials in gold on blue and rose grounds with penwork decoration in white. Line-fillers in blue and rose with penwork decoration in white.
Dimensions in mm460 x 330 (275 x 200), in two columns
Official foliationff. 329 (+ 1 unfoliated modern paper flyleaf at the beginning and at the end, and 2 unfoliated medieval parchment flyleaves at the beginning and 1at the end; 1 blank leaf after f. 9)
FormParchment codex
ProvenanceEdward IV (b. 1442, d. 1483), king of England and lord of Ireland: the royal arms of England surmounted by a crowned helm with mantling in Edward's colours of red and blue, and surrounded by the Garter (ff. 10, 71); with a lozenge bearing a white rose of the York family, with a Yorkist badge 'Dieu et mon droit' (e.g., ff. 1, 23, 34, 49v etc.); adapted and completed for him in the southern Netherlands, probably c. 1479- c. 1480: record of payment to the foreign merchant Philip Maisertuell for books and record of books in the Great Wardrobe Accounts of 1480 (see McKendrick 1994).
Source: British Library MS. Royal 14 E IV - John of Wavrin

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