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St. James the Major at the Battle of Clavigo
Attributed to Martin Schongauer, 15th century

A larger image of St. James the Major at the Battle of Clavigo, Martin Schongauer

St. James the Major at the Battle of Clavigo
Artist: Attributed to Martin Schongauer (German, Colmar ca. 1435/50–1491 Breisach)
Date: 15th century
Medium: Engraving; first state
Classification: Prints
Accession Number: 41.1.195
Catalogue Raisonné: Lehrs V.376.1 state I
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

The Moors' long drooping spears are similar to those of North African cavalry in the Códice De Trajes, 1547. and Conquest of Tunis tapestries.

Referenced on p.47, The Moors - The Islamic West - 7th-15th Centuries AD by David Nicolle & Angus McBride
H3: Granadan armoured cavalryman, mid-15th century
This final figure is based upon engravings made by a German artist who spent some time in Spain, where he seems to have made a large number of sketches from life. These showed light armour entirely covered in decorative fabric. Whether Moorish cavalry actually used daggers of the so-called 'ballock' form, as shown in this picture, is more doubtful. (Main sources: clothing & weapons of Boabdil, Real Armeria & Museo Ejercito, Madrid, Spain; engravings by Martin Scholgauer [Schongauer], mid-15th century, National Gallery of Art, Washington, USA. & Museum, Colmar, France)

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