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Danish or Swedish soldiers on
Hällestad Church Frescoes
Torna Hällestad, Scania, Sweden, c.1460AD

Jesus betrayed by Judas, Hällestad Church

Jesus before King Herod Antipas, Hällestad Church

Jesus before Pontius Pilate, Hällestad Church

Hällestad Church (Swedish: Hällestads kyrka) is a medieval Lutheran church in Torna Hällestad in the province of Scania, Sweden. It belongs to the Diocese of Lund.

The church probably dates from the 12th century, but little remains of the original church building due to subsequent reconstructions throughout the centuries. The choir and the transepts date from the 19th century. Immured in the church are three runestones from the 11th century, the so-called Hällestad Runestones. The church is also notable for its rich internal decoration of frescos. These date from circa 1460 and were painted by Nils Håkansson.
Photos by Sven Rosborn

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