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Illustrations from
'Chroniques' by Jean Froissart
copy from Paris, France, 1st quarter of the 15th Century

fol. 1, Battle of la Rochelle (1379)

fol. 10v, Louis I of Anjou and Clement VII

fol. 16v, Assassination of Roger of Auterive
by whitehoods

fol. 109v, Capture of Bruges by the Gantois (1382)

fol. 140, Battle of Roosebeke (1382)

fol. 142, Surrender of Bruges (1382)
Title: « Les Croniques que fist sire JEHAN FROISSART ». Français 2664
Author: Froissart, Jean (1337? -1410?). Author of the text
Publication date: 1401-1500
Type: manuscript
Language: French
Rights: public domain
Identify: ark: / 12148 / btv1b60007003
Source: Bibliothèque nationale de France, MS Français 2664. Captions from

Cote : Français 2664
Auteur/Titre : jean froissart, chroniques
Titre d'usage :
Nom de pays : france
Origine : paris
Siècle : 15ème siècle
Date : 1er quart
Artiste :

This manuscripts contains 6 miniatures, all by the Giac Master. Chapters are indicated by rubrics, followed by simple two-line pen-flourished initials (red with black pen-flourishings or blue with red pen-flourishings). Initials following miniatures are larger and are more decorated, including gold leave decoration. Further divisions inside the chapters with two-line pen-flourished initials and simple blue or red paragraph signs. Guide letters for the initials often still visible.
Source: The Online Froissart

See also Les Croniques d'Angleterre de sire Jehan Froissart. Paris, France, 1st quarter of the 15th century. Bibliothèque nationale de France, MS Français 2662
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