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Romans portrayed as French Soldiers in Valerius Maximus
Paris, France, c.1473-1480AD
British Library, Harley MS 4374, fol. 161r.

Upper Register

Harley MS 4374/2
Date: c1473-c1480
Title: Valerius Maximus, Les Fais et les Dis des Romains et de autres gens, books 1, 2 and 3
Contents: Valerius Maximus, translated by Simon de Hesdin and Nicolas de Gonesse
Source: British Library

Harley 4374 f. 161 Images from the history of Rome
Description: Miniature, prefacing Book III, arranged in three registers: Emilius Lepidus in battle whilst a child; ...
Origin: France, Central (Paris)
Source: British Library catalogue

Referenced as Plate 95 on pp. 512-515, Ancient armour and weapons in Europe: from the iron period of the northern nations to the end of the seventeenth century: with illustrations from contemporary monuments, Volume 3 by Hewitt, John, 1807-1878
The javelin-man is but rarely found in pictorial representations of this time.

See also French and English Soldiers in Les Vigiles de Charles VII by Martial d'Auverne, 1484AD, BnF MS Français 5054.
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