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Grandes Chroniques de Saint-Denis
copy from Troyes (Aube, Champagne, France (east)), c.1400-1410AD
Bibliothèque Municipale de Toulouse, Ms 512.

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Images source: Gallica, BnF
Captions source:
France, Toulouse, Bibliothèque de Toulouse, Ms 512
Nom d'usage : Grandes chroniques de Saint-Denis
Autre forme de la cote : TOULOUSE. Bibliothèque municipale, 0512
Conservé à : Toulouse. Bibliothèque de Toulouse
Date de fabrication : 1400-1410 selon Hedeman
Lieu de fabrication : Troyes (Aube, Champagne, France (est))
Support : parchemin
Nombre de feuillets : 467 ff.
Source: Biblissima
Usual name: Great chronicles of Saint-Denis
Another form of the code: TOULOUSE. Municipal library, 512
Kept in: Toulouse. Toulouse Library
Date of manufacture: 1400-1410 according to
       The Royal Image, Illustrations of the Grandes Chroniques de France, 1274–1422 by A. Hedeman
Place of manufacture: Troyes (Aube, Champagne, France (east))
Support: parchment
Number of folios: 467 ff.

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f52v - Brunehaut, queen of Neustria, executed by order of Clotaire II
f74r - Charles Martel fighting the Saracens (battle of Avignon)
f75r - Griffon surrenders to his brothers Pepin the Short and Carloman
f114v - Charlemagne receiving Ganelon. Roland in Roncesvalles
f143r - Charles the Bald disputing the Empire with his brothers Louis the Germanic and Lothair. Battle scene.
f164v - Battle of Soissons (June 15, 923)
f178v - Siege of a castle (conflict between Henry I and his brother Robert, supported by his mother Queen Constance)
f214r - Louis VII the Young returning (to Paris) on the death of his father Louis VI
f237r - Siege of a city (Tours or Le Mans) by Philippe Auguste
f392v - John II the Good at the Battle of Poitiers (September 19, 1356)

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