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Selected illustrations of military interest from

'The Book of the Queen' by Christine de Pizan
British Library, Harley MS 4431, c.1410-c.1414AD

f.102v, Minerva presenting
armour to her followers.

f.110r, Pyrrhus in battle with
the Trojans, avenging the
death of Achille.

f.112r, King Memnon,
a cousin of Hector,
being called to arms.

f.114r, Paris killing Achilles
as he kneels in a temple and
Hecuba watching.

f.118v, The army of King
Adrastus riding to destroy Thebes.

f.120r, Jason battling the dragon
which guards the golden ram on

f.120v, Perseus battling the

f.135r, Hector bidding farewell to his
wife Andromache and their son
Astyanax before going off to war.

f.137r, Achilles killing Polybetes
in battle, as Polybetes tries to
retrieve Hector's armour.
Harley MS 4431
Date: c.1410-c.1414
Title: Christine de Pizan, Collected works ('The Book of the Queen')
Content: The manuscript, known as 'The Book of the Queen', includes Works by Christine de Pizan, assembled for Isabel (Isabeau) of Bavaria, queen consort of Charles VI of France, and produced under the author's supervision. Possibly some passages are in the hand of Christine de Pizan herself.
Miniatures attributed to the Master of the Cité des Dames and workshop and to the Master of the Duke of Bedford.

Source: British Library, Harley MS 4431

See also 'La Prinse et mort du roy Richart' (The Capture and Death of King Richard II), by Jean Creton, illustrated by the Virgil Master, Paris, France. British Library MS Harley 1319.
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