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'Chroniques' by Jean Froissart
copy from Flanders, Belgium, 1475 - 1485AD
Frontispieces from Volumes 1 to 3. Museum Plantin Moretus, MS 15.4-6

A combat between English and
Scottish cavalry and infantry.

The return of the Duke of Burgundy.

The coronation of John I,
King of Portugal.

Manuscript codes: 15.4, 15.5 & 15.6
Date: 1475 - 1485
Title: Jean Froissart, Chroniques
Content: Volumes 1 to 3 of the 'Chroniques' of Froissart.
Origin: Southern Netherlands (Flanders).
Source: Antwerp, Plantin-Moretus Museum, MS 15 4-6

The manuscripts of the museum are described in the 'Catalogue des manuscrits' by Jan Denucé (1927). from Museum Plantin Moretus

in the inventory of his (Count of Hornes, Philippe de Montmorency) manuscripts of 1488, published by Mr. Génard

Jean Froissart was an historian of the 14th century who wrote in French. This copy of his Chronicles is a fine example of Flemish miniature art in the Middle Ages. The Chronicles are an important source of information about the Hundred Years War.

This copy of the Chronicles of the historian Jean Froissart is a fine example of Flemish miniature art from the 15th century. Its three volumes are produced on parchment.

Froissart (1337- ca. 1404) worked for the Dukes of Burgundy. In the Chronicles, he describes the European wars from the accession to the throne of Edward II of England (1307) to the death of Richard II (1400).

This manuscript is a combination of history and vibrant decoration. It drew the admiration of the Moretus family, who purchased it in around 1805.
Source: Museum Plantin Moretus

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