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Burgundian Pavise

Bogenschützenschild. Mit Andreaskreuz und Feuerstählen. Stammt aus der Burgunderbeute 1476/77. Buchenholz, überzogen;; : Leder, bemalt. 1450 - 1475. Herkunft: Zürich (ZH), Zeughaus. Masse: Höhe 96 cm, Breite 48.2 cm, Tiefe 1.8 cm. (KZ-386)

A reconstruction

A pavise, with gold steles, black flints, and red cross and flames; the field was probably originally white.

Referenced on p29, Armies of Medieval Burgundy 1364-1477 (Men at Arms Series, 144)
The pavise was the typical shield of the crossbowman, who used it for cover while spanning his weapon. Of wood and leather, it usually had a metal spike at the base for purchase in the soil, and was fitted with a handle of twisted sinews behind. In spite of the large number of medieval pavises which have survived, they figure surprisingly rarely in contemporary illustrations. The name is supposedly derived from Pavia in Italy. These examples not to scale - are painted with the emblems of Burgundy. (Swiss National Museum, Zurich, and Bern Historical Museum)

A Burgundian Infantry Archer with a Pavise in Armies of the Middle Ages, volume 1 by Ian Heath, based on this Pavise
15th Century Illustratiuons of Costume and Soldiers