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The de Burgo manuscript,
an illuminated book from Connacht ca. 1578

Trinity College Dublin MS 1440. Written for Sir Seaán Mac William Burke chosen head of the MacWilliam Burkes in 1571, died 1580. Fourteen coloured drawings: four of the passion of Christ (probably influenced by popular German woodcuts) followed by nine Burke portraits (probably inspired by contemporary playing cards).
The illustrations are as follows:
Folio 17r: Christ before Pilate.
Folio 17v: Christ scourged.
Folio 18r: Christ crowned with thorns.
Folio 18v: Christ carries a cross.
Folio 19r: Riocard mór mac Uilliam cungcur.
Folio 19v: Uilliam MacRiocaird mhóir/ William I.
Folio 20r: Sor Uilliam William II.
Folio 20v: Emonn Albanach Mac Sir Uilliam /Edmond Albanach.
Folio 21r: Tomás Mac Emoind.
Folio 21v: Eamonn na fésóige mac Sir Uilliam Burc/Edmund the Bearded.
Folio 22r: Riocard mac Emoinn na féasóige.
Folio 22v: Sedhan Mac Riocaird Shean.
Folio 23r: Arms of Clann Uilliam [de Burgo].
Folio 23v :Blank.
Folio 24r, Seáan MacUilliam Mhic tSeaain/Sheaan son of Oliverus, son of Sheaan son of Richard
Source: IE TCD MS 1440

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