One Fifth Scale Model of a Swedish Regimental Cannon, 1632

Grupp F I.
Stycket har dekor i relief och årtalet 1632. En delfin saknas. Samhörande lavett med bilder av musketerare, trumslagare och pipare, alla från tiden för trettioåriga kriget.
The piece is decorated in relief and the year 1632. A dolphin is missing. Associated gun carriage with images of musketeers, drummers and pipers, all from the time of the Thirty Years War.
Source: Digitalt museum Identifier: AM.061488

30 Years' War Regimental piece and carriage.

This is the only preserved Swedish regimental cannon. It is a 1/4 scale model from 1632. It probably shows the apperance of the slightly modified design being manufactured that year. Gustavus, Siegroth and Torstensson tinkered with the design so each new batch manufactured was slightly different. In the end Torstensson introduced an improved design which was somewhat heavier but lacked the problems found in the Siegroth design.
Source: Daniel Staberg

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