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Derricke's The Image of Irelande (1581) - Print 3


Now when into their fenced holdes, the knaues are entred in,
To ſmite and knocke the cattell downe, the hangmen doe beginne.
One plucketh off the Oxes cote, which he euen now did weare,
Another lacking pannes, to boyle the fleſh, his hide prepare.
Theſe theeues attend upon the fire, for ſeruing up the feaſt:
And Fryer ſmelfeaſt ſneaking in, doth preace amongſt the beſt.


Who play'th in Romiſh toyes the Ape, by counterfetting Paull;
For which they doe award him then, the higheſt room of all.
Who being ſet, becauſe the cheere, is deemed little worth:
Except the ſame be intermixt, and lac'de with Iriſh myrth.
Both Barde, and Harper, is preparde, which by their cunning art,
Doe ſtrike and cheare up all the geſtes, with comfort at the hart.


Now when into their fenced holds, the knaves are entered in,
To smite and knock the cattle down, the hangmen do begin.
One plucks off the Ox's coat, which he even now did wear,
Another lacking pans, to boil the flesh, his hide prepare.
These thieves attend upon the fire, for serving up the feast;
And Friar Smellfeast sneaking in, does press amongst the best.


Who plays in Romish toys the Ape, by counterfeiting PaulSaint Paul's letters in the christian bible;
For which they do award him then, the highest room of all.
Who being set, because the cheer, is deemed little worth;
Except the same be intermixed, and laced with Irish mirth.
Both Bard, and Harper, is prepared, which by their cunning art,
Do strike and cheer up all the guests, with comfort at the heart.
Over to the right, the two guests mooning are saying:
Aspice spectator sic me docuere parentes
("This is how my parents taught me to behave as a spectator")
Me quoque maiores omnes virtute carentes
("All older people lacking in goodness taught me the same")

In A Guide to Early Irish Law (1988), Fergus Kelly suggests that the men are braigeteóirí (professional farters).

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