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Military Aircraft Database

Last revised: 28 April 2001

Aircraft Lists

Here is the new and improved database of military aircraft types. For each type in the lists, a short description (5 to 10 lines) and some technical data are given. The lists are arranged by country, and sorted alphabetically. If you are uncertain about the correct name of an aircraft, you can refer to the description of aircraft designation systems below.

Designation Systems

Many countries have at one time adopted a system to systematically name aircraft. Usually, such systems have exceptions and inconsistencies, but a better understanding of them makes it easier to find information on a particular aircraft type. For the more complex systems, understanding aircraft designations also helps to remember them.

Russia and the Soviet Union
United States

Aircraft Markings

To take some of the mystery out of military markings, here are a few detailed pages...


Odds & Ends

Some other things that may be of use to the air enthusiast. Among them are weapons, historical tidbits and lore for the aviatrix.

A Spitfire Chronology (requires Frames)
Hawker Hurricane in Dutch Service (by Ruud Deurenberg)
U.S. Air-Dropped Bombs
German Secret Weapons of WWII
Development of Air Warfare
Lend-Lease to the USSR
Aircraft Strength and Losses in WWII
World War II Fighter Guns
Aircraft Nicknames
Peace-Time Shoot-Downs
MAC 1934 machine-gun (by Ruud Deurenberg)
Advanced Air-to-Air Missile (AAAM) (by Ruud Deurenberg)
RQ Reconnaisance Drone designations (by Ruud Deurenberg)
US Electronic Reconnaisance designations (by Ruud Deurenberg)
US X Series overview (by Ruud Deurenberg)
US Turbofan designations (by Ruud Deurenberg)
US Turbojet designations (by Ruud Deurenberg)
US Missile overview (by Ruud Deurenberg)
Aircraft over 50 meter wingspan (by Michael Trout)
Largest aircraft by year (by Michael Trout)
US Air-to-Air Losses in Vietnam (by David Lednicer)
US Air-to-Air Victories in Vietnam (by David Lednicer)


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