Le Mesnil-Patry has long been considered a minor action in the early days of the Normandy campaign and as such, it has received little in the way of historical analysis. M. R. McNorgan presents an indepth treatise on this Canadian combined arms attack that ran headlong into well prepared defensive positions held by the 12th SS - "Hitler Jugend". The lessons learned from the heavy losses incurred by Canadian armour and infantry were to influence the planning and execution of future Canadian offensive operations in the North-West European theatre of operations.


Infantry advancing on Sherman tanks. A sketch by
Canadian War Artist, W.A. Ogilvie


Background and Preparation

Approach To Contact

The Battle - "B" Sqn Attack

The Battle - "C" Squadron Attack

The Withdrawl



Burnt out PzKpfw IV. A sketch by
Canadian War Artist W. A. Ogilvie