'Charlemagne's chess set', Norman Southern Italy, end of the eleventh century

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A larger image of a knight in 'Charlemagne's chess set'.

Scacchi detti "di Carlomagno", manifattura italiana, fine dell'XI secolo. Parigi, Cabinet des médailles.
Chess set called "Charlemagne's" Italian manufacture, end of the eleventh century. Paris Cabinet des médailles.
These pieces were at the Saint Denis Abbey since the end of the 13th century.
They were probably made in a workshop of Salerno in the eleventh century or the beginning of the next century, when a large part of southern Italy was under Norman rule.
Sources: scuola.com, BnF & Chess Graphics
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One of the Elephants in 'Charlemagne's chess set' is probably from Sind, 9th century

Italo-Norman Heavy Cavalryman in Armies of the Dark Ages 600-1066 by Ian Heath, based on 'Charlemagne's chess set'

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