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Guldgubbe depicting a drinker with a cup without foot.
Vendel period. Sorte Muld, Bornholm, Denmark.

Guldgubbe [plural=Guldgubber] (Gullgubbe) [little old man of gold] depicting a drinker with a cup without foot

Nummerierung: [A-I-1]
Kategorie: Männer
Unterkategorie: Sturzbecher
Machart: geprägt, punzierter Rahmen, oben gerundet
Attribute: Sturzbecher, Ring, längliches Objekt, das sich nach unten hin verbreitert
Anzahl der Exemplare: 10
Fundort: Sorte Muld - Bornholm
Fundumstand: in einem vorzeitlichen Abfallhaufen
Museum: derzeit im Bornholms Museum in Rønne
Numbering: [A-I-1]
Category: Men
Subcategory: Drinker
Design: embossed, punched frame, rounded at the top
Attributes: cup without foot, ring, elongated object that widens towards the bottom
Number of copies: 10
Location: Sorte Muld - Bornholm, Denmark
Find circumstance: in an earlier garbage heap
Museum: currently in the Bornholm Museum in Rønne
Men Category [A]
There are – up to now – five different types of male figures: staff-bearer, drinker, with sword, with different gestures, sword, and men with neither attributes not gestures.
The majority of male patirces have been found on Bornholm – out of 1207 whole and unsevered guldgubber (as of 2003) 804 can be defined as male. At other places doublegubber prevail.

Subcategory [A-I] is made up of all guldgubber showing a man with a Sturzbecher. The drinkers have a Sturzbecher type drinking vessel in one of their hands. At the top of the vessel a tongue is licking out, as if the contained fluid is spilled. The drinkers also wear a kaftan like gown.
Source: Guldgubber.

Guldgubbe depicting a staff bearer with a beard. Vendel period. Sorte Muld, Bornholm, Denmark.

7th century Scandinavian Warrior in Armies of the Dark Ages 600-1066 by Ian Heath, based on this Guldgubber.
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