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Elfenbeinsitula des Aschener Domschatz
Ivory Situlae of Aachen Cathedral, c.1000AD

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Photo Source: Schutzausrüstung zur Zeit der Schlacht von Hastings
Elfenbeinsitula (Weihwasserkessel) Lotharingen nach 1000 (heute im Domschatz von Aachen). Die Krönungskirche.
Ivory Situlae (Holy water basin), Lotharingia, after 1000AD, (now in the coronation chapel of the Cathedral of Aachen).

Black & white details of all 8 faces of the Ottonian Ivory Situlae of Aachen Cathedral.
Lotharingia, by 1000 or soon after, or possibly after 1024
Height: 17.7 cm, Diameter top: 12.5 cm
Aachen Cathedral Treasury
Inv. Grimme No. 26

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