The Great Cavalry Battle of
(14th October, 1813)

Part IIb Orders of Battle & Dispositions

by Peter Hofschröer

Minature Wargames 40
C in C: Murat
Chief of Staff: General de Division Belliard

VIII Corps, Poniatowsky (Poles): 6 regts, 12 batts, approx. 5,400 men; 6 squads, approx. 600 sabres, 6½ batts, 30 guns.

27th. Division, Dombrowski (4 battalions, ? guns)
Brigade Zotowski - attached to Ney's command.
Brigade Grabowski
12th. Polish Infantry Regt.        (2) approx. 800 men
1st. Combined Infantry Regt.
 of the Vistula Legion             (2) approx. 800 men
1½ Foot Batteries. (? guns)

26th. Division, Kaminiecki (8 battalions, ? guns)
Brigade Linawski
1st. Polish infantry Regt.         (2) approx. 800 men
16th. Polish Infantry Regt.        (2) approx. 800 men
Brigade Malachowski
8th. Polish Infantry Regt.         (2) approx. 800 men
15th. Polish Infantry Regt.        (2) approx. 800 men
3 Foot Batteries                              (? guns)

Reserve Artillery
2 Foot Batteries                              (? guns)
1 Company Engineers

27th. Light Cavalry Brigade, Uminski
14th. Polish Cuirassier Regt. (2) approx. 200 sabres
1st. Combined Vanguard (4) approx. 400 sabres
(formed from remains of 1st. & 12th. Polish Chasseur & Lancer Regts.)

IV Cavalry Corps, Kellerman. 16 squads, 2000 sabres.
7th. Light Cavalry Division, Sokolnicki
Brigade Dombrowski   attached to Ney's command
Brigade Tolinski
3rd. Polish Lancer Regt.            (4) approx. 500 men
13th. Polish Lancer Regt.           (4) approx. 500 men (detached on 14th. Oct. and not present at battle)

8th. Light Cavalry Division, Count Sulkowski
Brigade Krasinski
1st. Polish Chasseur á Cheval Regt. (4) approx. 500 men
6th. Polish Lancer Regt.            (4) approx. 500 men
Brigade Weissenhof
8th. Polish Lancer Regt.            (4) approx. 500 men
16th. Polish Lancer Regt.           (4) approx. 500 men (detached on 4th. Oct.)

NB  the figures given for the Polish troops are approximate.
The author of this article has not managed to find the exact figures.

II Corps, Victor   32 batts, 8 squads, 15,081 men, 8 batteries, 55 guns
(NB   Strengths as at 1st. Oct. Losses to 13th. were between 500 and
700 men. Re-inforcements of 5 officers and 329 men received).

5th. Division, Dufours (8 battalions, 8 guns)
Brigade d'Etsko
26th. Light Regt.                        (3) 1196 men
93rd. Line Regt.                         (3) 1277 men
Brigade Prince of Reuss
46th. Line Regt.                         (1)  569 men
72nd. Line Regt.                         (1)  608 men
1 Battery   13th. Coy/5th. Regt. (8 guns)

4th. Division, Dubreton (12 battalions, 16 guns)
Brigade Ferriers
24th. Light Regt.                        (3) 1430 men
19th. Line Regt.                         (3) 1208 men
Brigade Brun
37th. Line Regt.                         (3) 1140 men
56th. Line Regt.                         (3) 1393 men
2 Batteries   7th. Coy/2nd. Regt, 14th. Coy/4th. Regt. 16 guns)

6th. Division, Vial (12 battalions, 16 guns)
Brigade Valory
11th. Light Regt.                        (2) 1403 men
2nd. Line Regt.                          (3) 1381 men
Brigade Bronikowsky
4th. Line Regt.                          (3) 1432 men
18th. Line Regt.                         (3) 1605 men
2 Batteries   2nd. Coy/3rd. Regt.            (16 guns)

Reserve Artillery
2 Foot Batteries 6th. Coy/10th Regt., 9th. Coy/2nd. Regt
1 Horse Battery 1st. Coy/3rd. Regt.            15 guns
3 Companies Engineers 379 men

V Corps, Lauriston   35 batts, 11,941 men; 8 squads, approx. 719 sabres 8 batts. 53 guns.
(N B - strengths as at 1st. Oct. Losses to 13th. 600 - 800 men.
Re-inforcements received 28 officers, 1184 men).

16th. Division, Maison (12 battalions, 10 guns)
Brigade Montenelle
151st. Line Regt.                         (3) approx. 1200 men
152nd. Line Regt.                         (3) 1249 men
Brigade Count Montesquieu
153rd. Line Regt.                         (3) 1326 men
154th. Line Regt.                         (3) 1052 men
2 Foot Batteries 1st. & 3rd. Coy/Regt.
1 Horse Battery 7th. Coy/16th. Regt.           10 guns

10th. Division, Albert (12 battalions, 10 guns)
Brigade Bachelet
4th. Provisional Light Regt. (5th./12th.) (2)  331 men
139th. Line Regt.                         (3) 1353 men
Brigade Bertrand
140th. Line Regt.                         (3)  631 men
141st. Line Regt.                         (3)  933 men
2 batteries   3rd. & 4th. Coy./7th, regt. (10 guns)

19th Division, Count Rochambeau (11. battalions. 10 guns)
Brigade Harlet
135th. Line Regt.                         (3)  792 men
149th. Line Regt.                         (3)  728 men
Brigade Lafitte
150th. Line Regt.                         (3)  910 men
155th Line Regt.                          (3) 1216 men
2 Batteries   12th. & 17th. Coy./6th. regt. (10 guns)

V Cavalry, Pajol. (47 squads, 5841 sabres, 6 guns)
(NB - Pajol took command on 12th. Oct. Former commander was Milhaud.)
Formation as at 12th. October 1813.
6th. Heavy Cavalry Division, Milhaud (14 squadrons)
Brigade Lamotte
18th. Dragoon Regt.                       (2)  293 men
19th. Dragoon Regt.                       (2)  255 men
20th. Dragoon Regt.                       (3)  287 men
Brigade Montelegier
l8th. Dragoon Regt.                       (3)  412 men
25th. Dragoon Regt.                       (4)  477 men

5th. Heavy Cavalry Division. L'Heritier (16 squadrons)
Brigade Quenot
2nd. Dragoon Regt.                        (3)  465 men
6th. Dragoon Regt.                        (4)  496 men
Brigade Colbert
11th. Dragoon Regt.                       (4)  433 men
13th. Dragoon Regt.                       (2)  315 men
15th. Dragoon Regt.                       (3)  428 men

9th. Light Cavalry Division, Subervie (17 squadrons)
Brigade Klicky
3rd.  Hussar Regt.                        (3)  370 men
27th. Hussar Regt.                        (4)  453 men
Brigade Vial
14th. Chasseur Regt.                      (3)  389 men
26th. Chasseur Regt.                      (3)  353 men
13th. Hussar Regt.                        (4)  435 men
1 horse battery (6 guns)

Combined Cavalry Division, Berkheim (from I Cavalry Corps)
(NB- exact strength cannot be ascertained. 10 squads, approx 1000 sabres).
Brigade Montmarie
1st. Chevauxlegers Lancier Regt.          (2)
3rd. Chevauxlegers Lancier Regt.          (2)
Brigade Picquet (?)
5th. Chevauxlegers Lancier Regt.          (2)
1st. Italian Chasseur Regt.               (4)


Order of Battle of the Corps of General Count Wittgenstein (Russian)
Vanguard under Lt. Gen. Count Pahlen III (Russian)

1st. Hussar Division   Lt. Gen. Count Pahlen III (16 squads)
Brigade Ruediger
Sumy Hussar Regt.                          (5 squads)   560 men
Grodno Hussars Regt.                       (5 squads)   629 men

Brigade Schwanow
Lubny Hussar Regt.                         (4 squads)   421 men
Olwiopol Hussar Regt.                      (2 squads)   248 men*
*(tactically attached to Sumy and Grodno Hussars - 1 sqn. per regt. -
according to some sources)

From the Combined Lancer Division of Gen. Maj. Count Moeller Sakomelsky
Tschugujew Lancer Regt.                     (6 squads)  776 men

Prussians (10 squads. 2 detachments)
Neumark Dragoon Regt.                       (4 squads)  363 men
Silesian Uhlan Regt.           (2 squads, Jaeger Det.)  210 men (approx)
East Prussian Cuirassier Regt. (4 squads, Jaeger Det.)  463 men

Cossacks   Maj. Gen. Illowiasky XII
Illowiasky XII                              (4 squads)  355 men
Grekow VIII                                 (4 squads)  292 men
Russian Horse Battery No. 7                            (12 guns)
Prussian Horse Battery No. 10                           (8 guns)

From 14th. (Russian Division) under Gen. Maj. von Helfreich

Brigade Ljallin
Tenginsk Regt.                              (2 batts)   647 men
Estonia Regt.                               (2 batts)   707 men
Brigade Wuestow
Jaeger Regt. No. 25                         (2 batts)   529 men
Jaeger Regt. No. 26                         (2 batts)   620 men
Russian Horse Battery No. 6 (probably)                  (8 guns)

Prussian Reserve Cavalry under Maj. Gen. von Roeder
Silesian Cuirassier Regt.     (4 squads, Jaeger Det.)   504 men
Brandenburg Cuirassier Regt.  (4 squads, Jaeger Det.)   440 men

Militia Cavalry, Brigade of Colonel von Mutius
(1st Silesian Landwehr Cavalry Regt. 2 squads, 154 men - divided up amongst remainder of Brigade on 8th. October)
7th. Silesian Landwehr Cavalry Regt.         (2 squads, 339 men)
8th. Silesian Landwehr Cavalry Regt.         (2 squads, 217 men)

Horse Battery No.7                                      (8 guns)
Horse Battery No.8                                      (8 guns)

Russian II Corps   Prince Eugene of Wuerttemberg
(13 batts., 5,193 men. 24 guns)
Part of 14th. Division (see Vanguard for the remainder)
Brigade Roth
Tulsk Regt.                                (2 batts)    850 men
Novoginsk Regt.                            (2 batts)    790 men
4th. Division Maj. Gen. Puschnitzky
Brigade ?
Tobolsk Regt.                               (1 batt)    596 men
Volynia Regt.                              (2 batts)    813 men
Brigade ?
Krementschuk Regt.(2 batts)856 men
Minsk Regt. (1 batt) 153 men
Brigade Walkow
Jaeger Regt. No.4                          (2 batts)    933 men
Jaeger Regt. No.34                          (1 batt)    202 men

Russian I Corps   Prince Gortschakow II
(19 batts., 6 squads., 1 Cossack regt., 6756 men, 1068 sabres, 36 guns)

3rd. Infantry Division, Prince Schahowskoj
Brigade Schalfinsky
Murom Regt.                               (2 batts)     690 men
Deval Regt.                               (2 batts)     693 men
Brigade ?
Tschernigow Regt.                         (2 batts)     606 men
Selenginsk Regt.                           (1 batt)     301 men
Brigade ?
Jaeger Regt. No.20                        (2 batts)     509 men
Jaeger Regt. No.21                         (1 batt)     396 men
5th. Infantry Division, Messenzow
Brigade Lukow
Perm Regt.                                (2 batts)     738 men
Sewsk Regt.                                (1 batt)     466 men
Brigade Wlastow
Kaluga Regt.                              (2 batts)     684 men
Mogilew Regt.                             (2 batts)     709 men
Brigade ?
Battalion of Grand Princess Katherina                   350 men
Jaeger Regt. No.23                        (2 batts)     512 men
Jaeger Regt. No.24                        (2 batts)     560 men
3 batteries                                             36 guns

Russian 3rd. Cuirassier Division, Count Duka

Brigade Count Gudowitsch
Military Order Cuirassier Regt.          (4 squads)     372 men
Little Russia Cuirassier Regt.           (4 squads)     426 men
Brigade Lewatschow
Starodub Cuirassier Regt.                (4 squads)     465 men
Novgorod Cuirassier Regt.                (4 squads)     359 men

4th. Corps, Count Klenau
(24 batts, 30 squads, 8 batteries, 21,069 men, 3,285 sabres, 56 guns)

Division Mohr
Brigade Paumgarten
1 Walachian Border Regt.                   (1 batt)     986 men
1 Walachian Illyrian Border Regt.         (2 batts)    1628 men
Hohenzollern Chevauxlegers
   (Uhlan Regt. No.7)                    (6 squads)     690 men
Palatinal Hussars (Hussar Regt. No.12)   (6 squads)     778 men
Archduke Ferdinand Hussars (Regt. No.3)  (6 squads)     626 men
6 pounder Horse Battery                                 (6 guns)

Division Prince Hohenlohe
Brigade Schaefer
Josef Colloredo Inf. Regt. No.57          (2 batts)    2014 men
Zach Inf. Regt. No. 15                    (3 batts)    2721 men
Brigade Splenyi
Wuerttemberg Inf. Regt. No.40             (3 batts)    2631 men
Lindenau Inf. Regt. No.29                 (3 batts)    2512 men
2 Brigade Batteries                                    (16 guns)

Division Mayer
Brigade Abele
Alois Liechtenstein Inf. Regt. No.12      (3 batts)    2725 men
Koburg Inf. Regt. No.22                   (3 batts)    2681 men

Brigade Best
Archduke Charles Inf. Regt. No.3          (2 batts)    1805 men
Kerpen Inf. Regt. No.49                   (2 batts)    1366 men
Brigade Desfours
Kaiser Cuirassiers (Dragoon Regt. No. 1) (6 squads)     614 men

O'Reilley Chevauxlegers (Uhlan Regt. No. 8) (6 squads)  577 men
2 x 6 pounder Brigade Batteries                         (16 gun)
1 x 6 pounder Positional Battery                        (8 guns)
2 x 12 pounder Positional Batteries                    (12 guns)

The above orders of battle are dated either 14th. October 1813 or are from the nearest available (late prior to 14th. Due to constant troop movements, a lack of comprehensive records and numerous detachments, it is difficult to obtain an order of battle that is entirely accurate. The above is probably as close to reality as is possible to obtain and is based on documents in various archives.
Both sides could have called on further re-inforcements if the situation had required it. The orders of battle of those formations have not been included here.
The map included with this article shows the "starting positions" of both armies at about 11.30am. The final part of this article will include maps showing the cavalry battle in greater detail.

1) This photo of a house in Wachau was taken in December 1985.
The house was built in the 18th. century and would have looked
more or less the same on 14th. October 1813.

2) A contemporary engraving of Markkleeberg.
The house on the left of this picture and that in Wachau on the
photo above are similar both in terms or architecture and condition.
The house on the right is similar to others on the remaining
photos reproduced here.

3) The southern edge of Wachau.
The road runs to Markkleeberg.
The French II Corps was positioned here.

4) & 5) The church in Wachau.
It was not a ruin at the time of the battle!

6) The centre of Wachau, The French II Corps took up positions here.
Note the similarity between the building on the right of this photo
and that in the contemporary engraving above.

7) The road from Leipzig to Wachau. On the right is the
"Gasthof Goldene Krone". Elements of the French II Corps were
drawn up on the left of this road. The cavalry battle took
place on the open ground.

8) View from the hill to the north of Wachau.
The infantry of the French II Corps was drawn up on this ground.

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