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Charakteristische Darstellung der vorzüglichsten europäischen Militairs

Characteristic representation of the principal European military men


Augsburger Bilder


Ottoman Arab Mamalukes & Asiatic Light Infantry

Far left: An Azab / Azap based on Hans Weigel's Habitus Praecipuorum Populorum ... das ist Trachtenbuch, Nuremburg, 1577
The 2nd seems to wear a zamṭ  hat, worn by Mamalukes until 1517, when it was banned by the conquering Ottomans, see Three Mamelukes on horseback, 1526, by Jan Swart van Groningen
The 3rd & 4th also appear as:
'Military Chief of Upper Egypt' in McLean's The Military Costume Of Turkey and
'Janizary of Arabia Felix' in McLean's The Military Costume Of Turkey

Ottoman Turkish Infantry
European Turkish Cavalry
Asiatic Turkish Cavalry
Ottoman Turkish Artillery

Ottoman Illustrations of Costume and Soldiers

Other Illustrations of Ottoman Janissaries (Janizary, Yeniceri)