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Charakteristische Darstellung der vorzüglichsten europäischen Militairs

Characteristic representation of the principal European military men


Augsburger Bilder


Ottoman Turkish Infantry

These are based on the same works provided by d'Alvimart as:
OFFICER OF JANIZARIES in McLean's The Military Costume Of Turkey;
JANIZARY. (pl. 2.) in McLean's The Military Costume Of Turkey and
JANIZARY in McLean's The Military Costume Of Turkey

The officer of Janissaries is probably based on a Janissary Boluk Bashi in Illustrations de Les navigations, pérégrinations et voyages faicts en la Turquie by Nicolas de Nicolay

Arab Mamalukes & Asiatic Light Infantry
European Turkish Cavalry
Asiatic Turkish Cavalry
Ottoman Turkish Artillery

Ottoman Illustrations of Costume and Soldiers

Other Illustrations of Ottoman Janissaries (Janizary, Yeniceri)