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Finnish-Swedish soldier in a wall painting in
Rymättylä/Rimito Church
Finland, c.1520.
Guard at the Holy Sepulchre.

A larger image of Finnish-Swedish soldier in a wall painting in Rymättylä/Rimito Church, Finland, c.1520.

Numero    HK6429:232
Aihe    Kristuksen ylösnousemus ja nukkuva sotilas.
Aiheen tarkenne    kalkkimaalaus pohjoisseinä, länsiholvin kohdalla.
Aiheen paikat    Rymättylä, Rymättylän kirkko
Aiheen aika    1520
Tekijä(t)    Welin P. O., kuvaaja
Valmistuspaikat    Rymättylä, Rymättylän kirkko
Ominaisuudet    Värillinen, 6 x 6 cm
Museo    Museoviraston kuvakokoelmat

Number    HK6429:232
Subject    Christ's resurrection, and the sleeping soldier.
Topic qualifier    fresco on the north wall.
Topic places    Rymättylä, Rymättylä Church
Topic Time    1520
Author(s)    Welin P. O., photographer
Production sites    Rymättylä, Rymättylä Church
Museum    National Board of Antiquities Collections

Referenced on p.44, Medieval Scandinavian Armies (2): 1300-1500 by David Lindholm and Angus McBride
'Guard at the Holy Sepulchre' on a Finnish wall painting dating from the second half of the 15th century. Most of present-day Finland formed part of the kingdom of Sweden during the later Middle Ages. Despite being on the far north-eastern corner of medieval western European civilisation, its art and its military equipment were in essentially the same tradition as the rest of the continent. Here a fully armoured foot soldier has a brimmed chapel-de-fer with an eye slit cut into the front of the brim. His armour consists of a breast-plate, plate arm defences, tassets for his thighs and greaves for his legs. This appears to be worn over a mail hauberk and perhaps mail chausses. His weapon is a massive halberd with a cutting blade, thrusting point and hook. See Plate F3. (in situ local church, Rimito, Finland)

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