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The Morgan Crusader Bible of Louis IX or Maciejowski Bible or The Bible of Shah Abbas

Folio 43 verso

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David Orders the Destruction of Sheba:
David chooses Amasa to lead an assault against Sheba, but loses patience when his new commander is late. Abishai, Joab's brother, is summoned and instructed to pursue the enemy. (2 Samuel 20:410)

Joab Slays Amasa:
At Gibeon, Joab encounters Amasa, the new commander of David's army, and, thus, Joab's rival. Joab takes Amasa's chin in his hand as if to embrace and kiss him, but instead thrusts his sword through his rival's belly. (2 Samuel 20:910)

Joab Brokers Peace:
Joab pursues Sheba to the city of Abel, where the traitor and his forces have taken refuge. In the foreground lies the slain Amasa, his bowels spilling forth. As the army prepares to loose a trebuchet, Joab is hailed by an elderly woman of the city. She appeals to the commander's mercy and strikes a bargain. She will produce the head of the traitor Sheba if Joab will spare the city. Moments later, the traitor is decapitated and his head displayed to the soldiers. The siege and the rebellion are at an end. (2 Samuel 20:1522)

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